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man in black hat and jacket smiling
man in black hat and jacket smiling

Epic $2.4 Million Win on Toshi Video Club Slot - New Personal Best

Roshtein sets new personal best on Toshi Video Club slot by winning $2.440.000.

During the bonus opening session on yesterday's stream, Roshtein landed a massive $2.4 million win on the Toshi Video Club slot. One of the most popular Hacksaw Gaming releases and inspiration for one of the Poppinbuckets catchiest tunes “Roshi Toshi Oh La La” has brought in this epic reward in only one spin, thanks to the amazing 244x multiplier.  

man in black hat surprised by a big slot win

The Toshi Video Club bonus round was won on a $1,000 bet and was listed as the 89th on the Bonus Hunt list #706. After 3 free spins, the multiplier had risen to an amazing 244x and Roshtein was praying for a big hit. He was sweating for a bit before his prayers were answered. 

Two spins before the bonus round ended, Frog icon landed on the reels and, helped by the Wild, created an amazing combo worth $10,000. However, thanks to the epic multiplier of 244x that number turned into an astronomical $2.440.000 win. This win is also the biggest win Roshtein has had on Toshi slot so this was also his new personal best! 

man dressed in black with black hat smiling

Once he saw the number play out on the screen, Roshtein jumped from joy, laughing and saying: “It’s not over until it’s over! It’s not over until it’s over! Yes!!! Oh my God!”. You could see how happy and relieved he felt. Rosh needed this win! The opening was not going very well and he was really concerned about the state of the balance at the end. After the Toshi win landed, he even had a little dancing sequence, that’s how excited he was! 

Of course, viewers had a chance to open their satchels and Roshtein rewarded them with 1,000 points - a great treat for those who are collecting points, wanting to redeem something amazing from the Store.

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