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Another Max Win - $2.5 Million on Phoenix Forge Slot

01 Mar 2023

Roshtein lands $2.5 million max win on Phoenix Forge slot!

Roshtein adds another max win to the list of amazing casino streaming achievements! In a fantastic bonus round gameplay on the Phoenix Forge slot, Rosh managed to hit the max multiplier of 5,000x and win $2.5 million.  

roshtein celebrating max win on phoenix forge slot

The whole thing happened during the opening of the bonus hunt #853, where Phoenix Forge slot by Pragmatic Play was listed on the 24th place. The bonus round started and after just a few spins, the Re-s started lining up like crazy! Rosh was getting excited as he knew what this could mean: 

Are we finally getting to that point?! I would really like to do a cosplay on this one!

roshtein big win on phoenix forge slot

Every other spin was bringing 3 Scatters which provided for extra 5 free spins and it didn’t take long for Roshtein to realize this is it! The cascading reels kept pushing the multipliers up and up, leaving no room for a doubt that the max win was possible at that moment. 

Oh my God, look at those multipliers! I think I’m going for a max win! Chat, POG it up!!! I think we are doing it! I will make a great fire chicken, I will make a great phoenix!” - Roshtein exclaimed, full of the anticipatory excitement. 

Roshtein’s casino streaming friend VonDice was on the call with him at this time and he can only but agree that Phoenix Forge is definitely paying up max win this time. The biggest win Rosh had on this slot before was $1.3 million aka 4,406x but the max multiplier possible is 5,000x and he was going for it! 

roshtein lands max win on phoenix forge slot

And then it happened - $2.5 million in 55 free spins! Another legendary casino streaming moment and the 16th slot Roshtein got a max win on. Seeing Rosh dressed as a “fire chicken” for the cosplay stream is going to be lots of fun!

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