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roshtein excited to win 1.8 million on book of time slot
roshtein excited to win 1.8 million on book of time slot

$1.8 Million Win by Roshtein on Book of Time Slot

Full screen of Hat symbols explodes in a show-stopping win!

In the amazing free spins gameplay on Book of Time slot Roshtein landed show-stopping $1.8 million in a single bonus round! Filling out the entire screen with Hat symbols made the reels explode with a big bang and deliver $1.5 million in a single spin!      

roshtein excited about 1.8 million win

During the #973 Bonus Hunt opening, Roshtein decided to do a little side quest on a Book of Time slot. The original bonus hunted for the opening paid off nicely, delivering $524,650 on a $500 bet (1,049x) and Rosh had a gut feeling this Hacksaw release had more to bring! And he was right! 

Instead of simply buying the bonus, Roshtein wanted to do things a bit differently - he bumped up the bet to $1,500, activated the FeatureSpins option (which raised the bet to the max $4,500), and went for 50 spins, hoping for a little intermission. However, luck would have it, 19 spins in and the premium What Time is It? bonus got activated! After 10 free spins and a set of great Wild Multiplier symbols, Rosh ended this bonus round with a $334,050 win

roshtein excited for the bonus round

After another good run on free spins, what else is a casino streamer to do but try for another bonus round?! And that’s exactly what Rosh did! Setting the number of spins this time around on 25, his mindset was - If it hits in 25 spins, it hits! Otherwise, he is continuing with the bonus opening. 

And it hit! Four Book Scatters landed on the 19th spin, triggering 15 free spins bonus round with 2 Special Expanding Symbols. Roshtein couldn’t believe it! 

Yeeeees! Come on! I’m ready! I’m ready! I am so ready!!!”    

Hitting $1.8 Million in The Bonus Round 

Reels started to spin and Rosh was hoping for full screen from one of 2 Expanding Symbols - 10s and Hats. The game was paying out nicely but 6 free spins before the end, the Hat symbols expanded and covered the entire grid. The full screen of Hats brought Rosh a KLEEN $1.5 million win!!! 

Once Rosh saw just how big of a win full screen produced, he immediately pushed his chair away and started jumping around the studio, laughing and repeating “Oh my God!!!”. At the end of the bonus round, the total win was an outstanding $1.8 million! Chat exploded in cheers and Roshtein couldn’t contain his excitement: 

Side quest! YES!!! That’s how we do it! That’s how you realize I’m back in my game! Better than ever before! Ladies and gentleman, clap your hands!”        

This $1.8 million win also marks Roshtein’s personal best on Book of Time slot! The max X stayed the same at 1.445x on a $500 bet. Overall, it was an unforgettable gaming session with 3 bonuses bringing $2.6 million in total!   

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