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Uncover Mystery March in The Store

22 Mar 2022

Find out what to look forward to in the Store during the month of March.

Another month, another exciting theme in the Roshtein Store! After February Frenzy, we are headed to Mystery March 2022 with even better items listed in the Store. It’s up for grabs so make sure you choose wisely where you put your points you lil’ devils. 

Be wise but also fast! Although the Store is restocked each month with a minimum value of $100,000, many items are redeemed pretty much as soon as they land. So be prepared and make your fingers move quickly. 

Mystery March Store Items

Going to the Store, you’ll uncover the extensive collection of premium items. Add more fun to your life by redeeming gift cards in the values of $50, $100, and $500 for AIRBNB, IKEA, Xbox, Spotify, PlayStation, UberEats, Twitch, and Netflix. 

All you crypto fans out there, listen up! You can exchange your points to Ethereum or Bitcoin in the Store as well. 






















Community members can also redeem Roshtein branded merch such as mouse pad, t-shirt, and mug. And in the case you want something from the stores of Roshtein’s streamer friends DeuceAce and VonDice but are lacking points, you can transfer the points you have collected here to their channels. 

Pay attention! Depending on the item redeemed, the delivery time varies - some items are sent at the end of the month while others take just a few days to arrive at your address. Also, bear in mind that, unfortunately, not all items are available to community members in every corner of the world. 

Put Your Points to Work

You’ve been watching Roshtein streams so it’s time to claim your rewards for being a dedicated member of this amazing community. Put your points to good work by using them to redeem some of the magnificent items in the Store. And if you don’t have luck in March to get what you want, the special Apple April is already in preparation with just as good a collection of gifts, if not better. 

If you’re not sure how the Store and the Point System work, check the Store FAQ for the in-depth explanation.


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