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Feel The June Summer Vibes in The Store

Juicy June is here!!! Find out what amazing items are waiting for you in the store!

June is finally here and we are kicking off the summer with some amazing items in the Roshtein Store. It’s all about the summer vibes and summer items this month so you can get ready and have a great time at the beach. 

It’s Time for a Vacation!

Summer is all about traveling and creating new memories at exciting places and with some fresh faces. To help you get the summer adventure going this year, Roshtein has decided to add sizzling hot items that will serve you well in the few upcoming months. 

Traveling gift cards are probably going to catch the eye of the many! Reserved only for the US viewers is the $500 gift card while the EU viewers can get a $500 FlightGift card. To redeem any of these, you need 525,000 points. Waiting for you in the store are also summer essentials such as portable speakers, caps, and other beach essentials. 

For more fun times, Roshtein ensured his viewers have access to top entertainment platforms - Netflix and Spotify. For 90,000 points, they can get a $50 Netflix card or Spotify Premium for 6 months. Access to the best Tv shows and podcasts in the world will certainly make your upcoming summer months more relaxing and filled with laughter.

Getting Into Crypto

Whether you want to dive into the crypto waters for the first time or you just want to add some more value to your crypto wallets, you can use your points and acquire some coins from the store. Available in the store are both Ethereum and Bitcoin and you can exchange your points for as much as $1,000 of the value of these cryptocurrencies. 

Make A Wish 

Don’t forget that Roshtein added Make a Wish card to the store! So, for 10,000 points, community members get to make a wish and send it to Rosh. He will go through the wish list regularly and the luckiest viewers will actually get to see their wish coming true.   

And if you follow Roshtein’s bruvs VonDice and DeuceAce and want to get something from their stores but you’re lacking points, Roshtein made it possible for you to transfer up to 10,000 points from his to their accounts. Also, available in the store is branded merchandise such as mugs, T-shirts, and mouse pads.   

The store is being restocked randomly every day for a minimum value of $100,000 a month. So, make sure you keep an eye out for the items you want. And enjoy the first month of summer to the fullest in the Store!

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