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black hat black perfume bottle and sunglasses
black hat black perfume bottle and sunglasses

Enjoy Signature Mayhem in The Store

It's all about some the Roshtein's all time favorites in the Store.

After Mystery March and Apple April, get ready for Signature MAYhem in Roshtein’s Store. In the month of May, Rosh is adding a more personal flare to the items selection. So, if you’ve saved up on points, you have a chance to order really cool items Roshtein himself uses and likes. Let’s see what this MAYhem is all about! 

Signature Items   

The special items community members have access to this month in the Store are all hand-picked by Roshtein personally. Loyal viewers will recognize the sunglasses, jewelry pieces, and a black hat from his stream. The list also includes one of his favorite perfumes and a microwave so you can prepare popcorn and other tasty snacks to enjoy during the Roshtein’s streaming sessions. Of course, the number of points needed to get these items varies, starting at 195,000 and going up to 495,000. 

Standard Store Offer

Aside from these special items, community members can also find a standard offer of branded merchandise in the Store. There are mousepads, mugs, and t-shirts, all with a famous Roshtein logo. 

For those followers who are into crypto, Roshtein made sure they can use their points and add more value to their crypto wallet. They can use their points (from 45,000 to 725,000) to acquire Bitcoin of up to $1,000 in value. And the same goes for the second largest cryptocurrency - Ethereum. There is also an option to trade your points for a premium access to Spotify for the duration of 6 months or get a $50 Netflix voucher. 

Also available in the Store is the points swap option. So, if Roshtein’s bruvs DeuceAce and VonDice offer in their stores something that catches your eye but you are lacking points to redeem it, simply transfer points from your Roshtein account to theirs. The possible size of the transfers is 5,000 and 10,000 points but be aware that transfer is not instantaneous and, in some cases, it can take up to few days for the whole process to be completed. 

Daily Store Restocking

Although, some of the items might be ‘Sold Out’ when you visit the Store, that doesn’t mean you go and spend your hard-earned points on something you don’t really want or need. Remember the old saying “Patience is a virtue” and wait for restocking. 

The Store is being restocked randomly every day and at a minimum value of $100,000 each month. There is a good chance that the item you want will show up again so you can redeem it. Just make sure you visit the Store regularly and check the status of the offered items. 

In the case you are new to the Store, make sure you check out the Store FAQ and find out how the point system works, how to redeem items as well as answers to some of the more general questions. 

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