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iphone apple watch and airpods max
iphone apple watch and airpods max

Get Ready for the Apple April in The Store

The Amazing Assortment of High-End Products is Waiting for People in The Apple April Store.

The spring is here and so is the fresh and exciting Apple April in the Roshtein Store! Get ready for some first-rate items that will blow you away! Make sure you check out the Store regularly and don’t rush cashing in your points. Remember, even though your preferred items might be out of stock at the moment, the Store is being restocked each month at the minimum value of $100,000.    

Apple April Store Items 

It’s all about the Apple this month in the Store! Community members have the chance to use their points and redeem some awesome high-tech products such as iPhone 13, Apple AirPods Pro and Max, Apple TV, and Apple Watch Series 7. You can also use points to redeem $50, $100 or $200 vouchers and spend it in the App Store & iTunes on games, books, favorite songs or anything of your choice!.  

The services from other high-quality and popular brands are also on offer. Points earned watching Rothstein's live casino streams can be invested in getting Spotify Premium for 6 months or in getting a $50 voucher for Netflix. And for those of you who have a sweet tooth and like fast food, there is a $50 gift card for McDonald’s or any other food app that can deliver it.     

For all the crypto-heads in the community, there is also the standard offer of exchanging points for the two most popular cryptocurrencies out there - Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, do bear in mind that the crypto will be sent in 1 to 5 days. And in case an item catches your eye in the Stores of Roshtein’s streamer friends DeuceAce and VonDice but you’re lacking the points to redeem it, you can always use the services of transferring 5,000 or 10,000 points from your account on Roshtein to theirs.

Of course, followers can also redeem a Roshtein branded merch in the Store. During the Apple April month, you can claim mouse pads, t-shirts, and mugs with the famous Roshtein logo. 

Redeeming Top-Notch Items

The Store was designed as one of the ways for Roshtein to give back to the community and loyal followers who have stuck by him through thick and thin throughout the years. This Apple April brings all sorts of perks, especially for the high-level tech fans. So, make sure you check the Store this month and enjoy spending your well-deserved points on the things you like the most. 

If you’re not sure how the Store and the Point System work, check the Store FAQ for the in-depth explanation.

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