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slot reels and golden coins
slot reels and golden coins

Top Paying Progressive Jackpot Slots

The slots that can change players' lives like no other game!

It is common knowledge of gamblers that if you want a chance to win a life-changing amount of money, progressive jackpot slots are where you go to. In case you don’t know what they are, progressive jackpot slots contain jackpots that keep getting bigger every time someone places a bet. 

Because everyone wants to win big, there is a very decent market for progressive jackpot slots with many titles. This list, therefore, will cover the highest-paying slots with progressive jackpots out there.

Mega Moolah | Microgaming

Mega Moolah, in short, is the face of progressive jackpot slots. It has been referred to as the “Million Maker” in many publications, and for good reason, too. At first sight, Mega Moolah only has an RTP of 88.12%, but the rate is that way to compensate for its massive jackpots.

mega moolah slot grid featuring different symbols

Visually, Mega Moolah may remind players of the animation Madagascar because it features a tropical environment with wild animals such as lions, zebras and elephants. But what people really come for is its average jackpot of €5.051.826. With that crazy of an ‘average’ jackpot, Mega Moolah fully deserves its nickname: the Million Maker.





Biggest Jackpot Win


In addition, the game is also home to the Guinness World Record for the biggest online jackpot. This figure is a jaw-dropping  €18,915,721! With numbers like this, no wonder Mega Moolah is a fan favorite.

Arabian Nights | NetEnt

Unlike Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights strays away from Safari-inspired nature for the classic Middle Eastern folktale. The tale usually entails a man searching for treasure in the desert, and treasure one can surely find in this game. 

arabian nights slot grid featuring different symbols

Arabian Nights possesses attraction beyond the jackpot. The game has a high RTP for progressive jackpot slots at 96.25%, and it also features a bonus round which can net up to x12,000 the stakes.





Biggest Jackpot Win


Now, let’s talk about the sweet, sweet jackpot. The average jackpot is recorded at €1,501,469, which is certainly life-changing even though it pales in comparison to Mega Moolah. But there is room to be even more lucky as the biggest progressive jackpot ever won in Arabian Nights is €8,635,872!

Mega Fortune | NetEnt

Mega Fortune is a dazzling slot in its appearance. Every symbol here signals wealth beyond the imagination: from premium wine, diamond ring to limo and yacht. Yet don’t be fooled by Mega Fortune’s fancy look - the game’s jackpot can be won at any bet size. This means anyone can have a chance at the prize, not just players who are rich enough to play with max bet. 

mega fortune slot grid featuring different symbols

Different from the other 2 slots in this list, Mega Fortune has low variance. What this means is that you likely won’t have to sit through lengthy periods of spinning without a single win. But it also means the wins are usually less significant.





Biggest Jackpot Win


A fun fact that few people know: Mega Fortune used to hold the record for the biggest Jackpot at €17,860,868, but Mega Moolah dethroned it in 2018. So don’t count this slot out, maybe it will regain the world record in the future!

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