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Roshtein celebrating his max win in Pirate Bonanza

Roshtein Strikes It Big With First Max Win of July!

  • 🩸First Blood Has Been Drawn: July is just heating up and the max wins should be piling up for Rosh!
  • 💰Million-dollar mania: How about that $5,000,000, eh?!
  • ☠️Bountiful Treasure awaits: Swashbuckling on the high seas is so much easier with max win multipliers of 10,000x!

2 days ago


Three Turquoise Sixes on a gray background

Revel In Sin In SixSixSix: The Devilishly Hot Slot Game!

  • 😈Deal with the Devil: Will you sell your soul for max wins of 16,666x?!
  • 🔥Scorching Hot Theme: The depths of Hell are a good place to burn up the reels!
  • 👹Bonuses of Beelzebub: Bonuses, bonuses, so many white-hot bonuses!

2 days ago


6 Jokers game logo in the middle of a purple background

Spin The Reels Of The 6 Jokers Slot And Make Off With The Lot!

  • 🍉 Fruit-Fueled Fun: Enjoy a playful journey through a vibrant 6x5 reel layout with Scatter Pays, bringing a modern twist to classic fruit slots!
  • 💰 Max Win Multiplier: Aim for the stars with a massive 5,000x your stake up for grabs, offering thrilling rewards for the lucky players!
  • 🎰 Exciting Features: Experience the Tumble feature, Golden Bomb wilds with multipliers up to 100x, and the Joker Reels bonus for endless excitement!

2 days ago


Roshtein Smiling During the Stream

Guess Who's Back? Roshtein Resumes Streaming After a Two-Week Break

  • 🏆 Opened the stream congratulating Spain on their Euro 2024 victory.
  • 👋 Enjoyed the Downtime but Missed the TROOPS!
  • 🎮 Tried New Games: Samurai Code, Pickle Bandits, Punk Rocker 2, Lucky Pups, and more.
  • 💰 Notable Wins: $380,050 and $265,000 on Punk Rocker 2.
  • 📅 Announced casual daily streams for July.

3 days ago


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What is Roshtein's streaming schedule?

How do I claim a casino offer?

What are giveaways?

Experience Ultimate Casino Streaming Entertainment with Roshtein 

Active on the casino streaming scene since 2016, Roshtein has been creating authentic, engaging, and exciting gambling content for yearsRoshtein streaming channel has been a place where the fans of gambling gather to have fun, laugh, experience superb slot gameplays, witness exhilarating bonus openings, and breathtaking wins. 

Over 1 million followers across different social platforms is a true testament to Roshtein’s top-notch gambling skills and true dedication to the craft. The community built around his streaming channel is Roshtein’s main motivator in going forward and being a better, more creative, and bolder casino streamer.  

Enjoy High-Roller Bonus Openings, Battles & Tournaments  

Prepare for heart-pounding moments during Roshtein’s special casino streaming segments - Bonus Opening,Bonus Battle, and Bonus Tournament! Witness the winning power of some of the best and most popular online slots on the iGaming scene and experience the thrills of massive jackpots! 

Bonus Opening, a regular streaming segment taking place in each of Roshtein’s daily streams, is without a doubt one of the community‘s favorite things to watch. Bonus Hunt list includes bonuses hunted on big bets and in games from famous providers such as Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming. This streaming segment provides the ultimate entertainment as it gives viewers a chance to experience magnificent explosions of record-breaking wins on the reels.   

Win Rewards by Joining Guess The Total Win Competition 

To spice things up even more, Roshtein added Guess The Total Win (GTWcompetition to the Bonus Opening. GTW is available to all the registered members on the Roshtein’s website! All they have to do is enter their guess about what the total win will be at the end of the bonus opening. The prize goes to the person who makes the exact/the closest guess! 

Witness Extraordinary Combats in Bonus Battles & Tournaments

Bonus Battles and Bonus Tournaments are often featured in Roshtein’s streams! The showdown in the Bonus Battle is between 2 bonuses from different games or 2 different bonuses from the same slot. users have access to all the important stats from these streaming events which gives them the opportunity to check out how each of the battling bonuses behaved - lowest/highest x, lowest/highest win, average x/win, profit/loss. 

Roshtein organizes Bonus Tournaments when he wants to include more than 2 slots in the bonus face-off. With hundreds of tournaments under his belt so far, Roshtein has provided channel followers with hours and hours of first-class streaming content with more than a few unforgettable hits. 

Massive Giveaways, Thrilling Daily Raffles & Special Sports Betting Events 

Unique and immersive, Roshtein’s streams also include huge giveaways and raffles as well as special sports betting events! Viewers have the multiple opportunities on the Roshtein’s website to join in the fun and win incredible prizes! 

The Guessing Game with a gigantic prize pool is organized for major sporting events while each stream also brings an abundance of raffles which can be accessed via Roshtein’s website. Giveaways are regularly organized as well with massive cash prizes and one-of-a-kind rewards such as video call with Rosh or taking over the live stream for 15 minutes.   

Don't miss out on the action – tune in to Roshtein’s Kick channel, interact with fellow viewers, and be part of the electrifying atmosphere!       

Claim Best Online Casino Offers!!!

Players on the lookout for top-class online casino bonuses can go through Roshtein's collection of offers and find the one that suits them best! Generous and exclusive Welcome Casino Bonuses are available to those who register and claim them via Roshtein's link.

From big balance boosts to free spins, these offers are truly remarkable! Special deals provided by Roshtein will take you to premium online casinos with huge and diverse game selection. Slots category in each of them is what every reel-spinning fan's dream-come-true.  

Roshtein Store - Unique Buying Experience & Exclusive Merchandise 

Visit the Roshtein Store and cash in your points! The people's support has always been highly appreciated and properly rewarded by Roshtein. The encouragement of the stream followers during the difficult times as well as their presence during his streaming peaks has been an important driving force for Roshtein so he was never shy about rewarding them with points. 

Store is where you can cash in their points and claim exclusive merchandise. Among the items available in the Store, you can find latest tech gadgets, crypto coins, popular apps, branded merch and many more exciting things. Explore the Store today and find out all the cool ways you can spend your points!        

Join The Community and Watch Roshtein’s Live Casino Streams on 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Roshtein community by following him on the streaming and social media platforms. Get exclusive insight into the private life of Roshtein and his opinions on different casino games and gambling industry in general. Become one of the TROOPS and get your daily fix of superb casino streaming content, including thrilling gambling sessions with show-stopping wins on a great variety of slots. 

By watching Roshtein’s live streams on Kick, you will get a highly entertaining and educational experience. The benefits of becoming one of the TROOPS are obvious right from the get-go. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious gambling enthusiast, you will enjoy interaction with other channel followers in the chat, joking around and talking about each other's gambling adventures.  

Enjoy Highlights & Detailed Streaming Stats! 

Stay in the loop and never miss a thing! Rich selection of the most interesting moments and big wins from Roshtein’s casino streams can be found on the Videos page. From huge hits to spontaneous and extra fun moments, you can walk down the memory lane and relive some of the most iconic moments thanks to these videos or catch up with the highlights from the last streaming session in case you were not able to watch it. 

For the most precise data on Roshtein’s streaming career, look no further than the Achievements page! The record-breaking wins, highest cashout, longest stream, bonus hunt record, most streams in a row, followers goals, and top 500 best results of all time are just some of the stats you gain access to! 

Latest Slot Reviews from Top-Rated Providers

Interested in the latest casino games from legendary providers such as Pragmatic Play?! Don't worry, you are covered! In the Slots section you can find reviews with a special Roshtein's take that reveals what one of the top casino streamers in the iGaming industry thinks about different slots.

After all, as one of the biggest slot streamers gambling on casino games almost every day of the week for 8+ hours, Roshtein's opinion has a certain gravitas due to the immense gambling experience he has amassed over the years. Take a chance on this unique opportunity to find out what Roshtein thinks about certain slots before you start betting big on them! Roshtein has been streaming slots daily for a long time and knows what are the things you should look out for and how these games work.

Roshtein on Social Media Platforms!

Get to know Roshtein even better by following him on different social media and streaming platforms. On Instagram and Twitter you'll get glimpses into Roshtein's personal life - his sneakers collection, travels, and much more. Roshtein tweets will make you think, make you laugh, and make you jump from excitement when he shares his biggest win of the day and memorable moments from slots streams.

Telegram, Reddit, and Discord are also among the social media where Roshtein and his followers are very active. You get to meet the community members, talk and have fun together as well as enter special Roshtein raffles and social media events. Follow Roshtein on Twitter and other social media to always stay in the loop with Rosh and his streaming schedule!

Playing Slots on

Streaming platform is where the main action happens! Roshtein is a streamer who has undying love for playing slots and you can see that passion and dedication each time he starts one of his gambling streams. And if you look at the viewership numbers, it becomes clear that the audience has noticed and truly appreciates Roshtein's take on casino streaming.

Roshtein plays the most popular and requested casino games in Stake Casino pretty much every day of the week. What separates him from other content creators and casino streamers on Kick platform is the type of content he creates, the time he spends in providing the TROOPS with first-class entertainment while streaming slots and other casino games such as plinko, roulette, etc.

All About Roshtein's Casino Streaming Career

On the About page, you can find out how Roshtein's casino streaming journey started and developed over the years. What led Roshtein to casino streaming; what was the slots bet size in the beginning; how did the number of followers increase; what are some of his most memorable wins; and many more interesting things from the professional life of the top-rated casino streamer!

Some of the personal info is also revealed on this page such as date of birth, nationality, and so on. Roshtein's main focus is playing slots and producing streaming content so he was never into putting too much of his personal life on display. Still, the glimpses into his travels, thrilling times with other casino streamers, and everyday rituals can reveal to the followers who Roshtein really is as a person.

Exclusive and Rewarding Experience!

Have an exclusive streaming experience each time you visit!!!

From slot reviews to unique extra features such as Guess The Total Win, Bonus Hunt, and Stake Off, users will enjoy what Roshtein has prepared for them!!! Major giveaways, huge raffles, and extensive selection of premium casino bonus offers will make every user feel highly appreciated. Engage in the exclusive Roshtein promotions and uncover the best of the gambling world!!!