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Sweet Bonanza Dice Slot review

Pragmatic Play


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Welcome to Sweet Bonanza Dice, where a world of candy dreams becomes a reality. Renowned for their imaginative creations, Pragmatic Play has sprinkled their magic into every aspect of this game, blending an eye-catching aesthetic with dynamic gameplay, highlighted by an astounding 21,100x winning potential. Sweet Bonanza Dice invites players to indulge in a delightful escapade, where each spin is not just a chance to win but an opportunity to revel in a spectacle of sugary delight.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

As soon as you enter Sweet Bonanza Dice, you're greeted by a backdrop that's a confectioner's dream: landscapes crafted from ice cream mountains, gingerbread castles, and rivers flowing with pink pudding, all under a sky dotted with cotton candy clouds. The symbols in Sweet Bonanza Dice are a vibrant collection of confectionery delights as well. Each symbol is a beautifully crafted piece of candy art, shaped like dice and shimmering with a jelly-like sheen.

In addition to its visually enticing candy theme and a 96.6% RTP, Sweet Bonanza Dice offers a range of dynamic gameplay elements that contribute to an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Picture a shower of candies and jellies tumbling from above, this is the Tumble Feature in action. Winning combinations vanish in a puff of sweetness, paving the way for fresh symbols to cascade down. This delightful dance of symbols continues, creating a chain of potential wins that only ends when no more matches can be made.

The essence of excitement in Sweet Bonanza Dice lies in its Free Spins Feature. Triggered by the whimsical appearance of 4 or more Lollipop Scatters, this feature opens the gates for 10 free spins. Here, keep your eyes peeled for the fabled Multiplier Bombs, each one a potential catalyst for exponential wins, multiplying your rewards by up to a staggering 100x.

Just when you think the sweetness has peaked, Sweet Bonanza Dice surprises you with the potential for endless free spins. Each retrigger, activated by landing additional Scatters, is like finding an extra golden ticket. More spins, more chances, more thrills.

The Ante Bet is your personal touch to the game. It's where you can dial up your bet multiplier, tweaking the game's volatility to your taste. This feature is not just a bet, it's your ticket to customizing your chances of triggering those much-coveted free spins.

And if you can't wait to dive into the bonanza, there's the Bonus Buy Feature. This feature is your express pass to the Free Spins round, bypassing the standard play and thrusting you right into the heart of the action for 100x your stake.

Roshtein’s Take

This game skillfully combines the joy of a whimsical theme with the adrenaline rush of high-stakes gameplay. Its vibrant, sweet-themed universe is not just visually captivating but it's also a playground of potential huge wins, especially with the incredible 21,100x multiplier. Sweet Bonanza Dice strikes a delightful balance between a lighthearted aesthetic and the thrill of significant winning opportunities. Each spin feels like a dive into a pool of colorful candies, with features like the Tumble and Free Spins adding layers of depth and surprise.

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100% up to €400

100 free spins