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Fruit vs Candy Online Slots - Differences & Similarities

23 Aug 2023

Both equally delicious and popular.

Fruit slots and Candy slots are two popular themes within the online slot gaming world. These themes dictate the visual and auditory presentation of the game, but they can also affect gameplay features and bonus rounds. Here are the differences and similarities between the two:

Fruit VS Candy Slot Gameplay Features

In terms of bonus features, playing fruit or playing candy slot can be equally exciting! Both types come with a great variety of these special in-game options such as free spins round, all sorts of Wild symbols (like Stacked Wilds covering the entire reel), instant cash prizes, and other unique features.

Fruit slots these days usually have all the characteristics of the modern online casino game. With elaborate gameplay, ways to win or cluster pays instead of standard paylines, and big max win potential, fruit slots are some of the best in online casinos.

However, developers want to pay homage to the original one-armed bandits from time to time and produce fruit slots with more straightforward gameplay. These usually feature 3 reels and 5 to 10 paylines. The simplicity of these releases can be extremely relaxing to players which is why software providers keep releasing them.

And when it comes to candy-themed casino games, these don't have such a strong historical connection so they are usually more modern and come with various bonus features, such as cascading reels (where winning symbols disappear and are replaced with new ones, creating more winning opportunities for a player).

Visuals & Themes

When it comes to the themes these types of slots cover, the difference is pretty obvious. While the first type (fruit theme) focuses on juicy fruits from all over the globe, the other type (candy theme) offers more of a sweet and sugary visual experience to players. However, they are probably more similar than different when it comes to the visual experience they provide to players.

Both types of slots are usually lighthearted in atmosphere with colorful symbols landing all over the reels. The positive vibes and great entertainment value they provide are one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy playing them!

Fruit & Candy Slots in Online Casinos

Traditionally, fruit slots feature symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelons, and sometimes the BAR symbol or the number 7. These symbols trace back to the early days of slot machines. However, although modern online slots take players down memory lane from time to time and give them a classic fruit game, developers have expanded the types of fruits they use on the reels. Today, you can find everything from passion fruit to traditional cherry and orange symbols on the paytables by different providers.

Candy-themed slots tend to be even more colorful than their fruity counterparts and feature a variety of sweets including gummy bears, hard candies, chocolate bars, lollipops, and more. With vivid backgrounds, they are a true treat for the eye of every player with a sweet tooth.

Audio Effects

To make the whole playing experience even more immersive, developers use appropriate audio effects and sometimes quite elaborate soundtracks for their games. Depending on the theme, the music can be omniscient, cheerful, adventuristic, and sometimes even very bare and basic.

When it comes to audio differences and similarities in fruit and candy slots, they do exist. Again, just like with the theme and visuals, both types of releases usually come with uplifting soundtracks. However, due to their tradition in the world of slot machines, fruit games sometimes have simpler, arcade-style sounds reminiscent of old-school slots. On the other hand, candy-themed titles usually feature playful and bubbly soundtracks and sound effects that mimic the unwrapping of candy or the pop of bubblegum.

Are Fruit Slots More Popular to Play Than Candy Games?

Both themes are popular but for different reasons. Fruit slots cater to the traditionalists and those who like simplicity, while candy slots often target a younger demographic or those seeking more involved gameplay features.

That said, it's essential to understand that within each theme, there can be a massive variety of games. Two fruit slots or two candy slots can be entirely different in their features, RTP (return to player), volatility, and more. Always read reviews and maybe even try demo versions of a game to understand its mechanics and potential payouts before committing real money.

Which Slots Have Better Bonus Rounds?

Depending on the specific game, the bonus rounds in fruit-themed releases might be more limited and stick to free spins or simple pick-em games. On the other hand, given their modern slant, candy slots might feature more elaborate and interactive bonus rounds.

In the fruit vs candy slot face-off, when it comes to comparing special features, it really depends on the game you pick. Due to its background, there are many more fruit titles where playing free spins means giving up on any additional features. However, there are fruit games where triggering free spins means opening a whole new world of possibilities for huge wins.

So before you decide to play candy or play fruit-themed slot, make sure you read their reviews so you know what you're getting yourself into. Before playing for real money, make sure you also check demo versions of the games as that will ensure you choose the release that's more up your alley.

Top-Played Fruit & Candy Slots in Online Casinos

The iGaming market is packed with all sorts of fruit and candy slots. From more modest to very complex, fans of both the fruit theme and candy theme get to have fun spinning reels based on their personal preferences. Here are the top-played fruit and candy slots in online casinos:

Most Played Fruit Slots: Fruit Party, Juicy Fruits, Fruit Party 2, Extra Juicy, Fruit Duel, Fruit Craze, Xpander, Frutz, Angry Fruits Xpress, and Ultra Hold & Spin.

Most Played Candy Slots: Sugar Rush, Sweet Bonanza, Tasty Treats, Joker Bombs, Sweet Powernudge, Om Nom, UniPopCorn, and Candy Stars.

Top 3 Most Popular Candy Slots

If you want to bet on candy-themed slots, here are the top 3 most popular games in this category in online casinos:

  • Sugar Rush (by Pragmatic Play)

    If you want to go full blast on candy mode, this Pragmatic Play game has everything a modern online casino player is looking for from a first-class release. Great RTP, big max win, high volatility, and an amazing selection of bonus features such as Tumble reels, multiplier spots, and free spins. Sugar Rush bonus game is known for its power to deliver breathtaking wins! For a deeper look into Sugar Rush game characteristics, check out Roshtein's candy slot review.

    Screenshot of Sugar Rush slot
  • Tasty Treats (by Hacksaw Gaming)

    Hacksaw Gaming is known for more serious and darker themes in their high-paying slots but that doesn't mean they don't know how to create a well-rounded game with a much more lighthearted in-game atmosphere. The Tasty Treats slot is one of the best examples of this! With its pink background, colorful candies on the reels combined with first-class gaming assets, you might say that a slot never tasted better.

    Screenshot of Tasty Treat slot
  • Sweet Bonanza (by Pragmatic Play)

    Sweet Bonanza is another candy slot but due to its superb gameplay, it has become legendary among online casino players. Its massive 21,100x jackpot will catch the eye of every casino-goer and inspire them to play candy-inspired releases. Just like in the Sugar Rush bonus round, get ready for an amazing selection of extra features, including retriggerable free spins.

Screenshot of Sweet Bonanza slot

Top 3 Most Popular Fruit Slots

Those who want to play fruit slots, really have an outstanding collection to choose from. All providers have at least one release featuring fruits on the reels. But if you are on the lookout for the most refreshing and juiciest titles for a play in fruit mode, here are the top 3 picks:

  • Fruit Party (by Pragmatic Play)

    In the fruit vs candy slot match, Pragmatic's Fruit Party is one of the main reasons why fruit games might land a win. With its cluster pay mechanic, multipliers, and hefty winning potential, Fruit Party was made so well, that it wasn't long before it got a sequel in Fruit Party 2, a title just as rewarding and enjoyable as the original one.

    Screenshot Of Fruit Party slot
  • Fruit Duel (by Hacksaw Gaming)

    For players in love with fruit mode on the reels, playing the Fruit Duel slot by Hacksaw Gaming is really fun! Reminiscent of old classic fruit slot machines, this game is played on a 3x3 grid but it's significantly richer in bonus features than the original one-armed bandits. Players get to trigger 10 free spins and activate high multipliers which can lead them to the juiciest of wins!

    Screenshot of Fruit Duel slot
  • Angry Fruit Xpress (by Popiplay)

    Simple yet potent is how many would describe Angry Fruits slot by Popiplay. Why? The main reason is its one free spins bonus round which can reward you with a multiplier of up to 999x the bet which can later be multiplied and produce a 9,900x max win. Also, symbols add an extra layer of fun with their quirky looks.

    Screenshot of Angry Fruits slot


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