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store in pink and purple
store in pink and purple

Store & Other Upcoming Website Features

  • 🛍️ The Store is Back: bigger and better than ever.
  • 🏆 Introducing Stake Offs: monthly prizes for top players on Stake Casino.
  • 💰 Hefty Cash Prizes: an elevated gaming experience awaits.
  • 🎁 Bonus Buy of The Week: Dive into the world of bonus buys.

We have some exciting news for you Troops - the next batch of special website features is coming your way very soon! The fresh additions to the Roshtein’s website include long-awaited Store and two completely new extra-engaging sections that every single one in the community will adore - Stake Off and Bonus Buy of The Week. 

Let’s dive in a bit further and see what thrilling things Rosh has planned out for you guys! 

Store - Bigger & Better! 

Get your satchels ready, the Store is getting activated very soon! One of the most frequently asked questions on Roshtein’s stream chat was when the Store would start functioning again and we are glad to say that you won’t have to wait for much longer. 

store website feature

We know that it took some time to get to the end product but Roshtein wanted to ensure the community gets the very best! It was not the matter of simply redesigning the Store but providing users with the first-class experience that cannot be matched anywhere else. 

Get ready for a large selection of premium Store items!

Stake Offs - New Special Feature

Roshtein is very grateful for the loyalty and support the community has shown him throughout the years so he tries to find ways to give back to the TROOPS every chance he gets. He has already included special sporting events like UEFA Guessing Game, Guess The Total Win, Raffles, and Giveaways.    

stake off feature

Stake Offs are going to be another website addition that will award monthly prizes to the players gambling on Stake Casino under Rosh code. Expect a large prize pool and hefty monthly cash prizes that will be given to the top-ranked players. Stake Off will elevate your gaming experience to the whole next level.  

Introducing The Bonus Buy of The Week 

Another special new feature to soon be added to the Roshtein’s website is Bonus Buy of The Week. The concept is similar to the Farm of The Week but instead of hunting for bonuses and recording the wins, the bonuses will be bought and the results will show in the table. 

bonus buy of the week feature

This will give Roshtein and the community another closer insight into the workings of a specific slot. They will be able to see if buying bonuses on a certain slot pays off, what’s the average multiplier and average win. 

Overall, the idea behind new website additions is to bring the community members even closer together and to provide them with even more engaging and entertaining content. So,. stay tuned guys! 

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