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Join UEFA Champions League Guessing Game for a chance to win part of the $50,000 prize pool!

After the highly successful World Cup 2022 Guessing Game, Roshtein decided to incorporate the same game model into another free sports betting competition on his website. This time around we are focusing on the European football scene and organizing the Guessing Game that will accompany the UEFA Champions League tournament. 

For those of you who might not be following football, UEFA Champions League is the elite football competition that takes place every year. The teams competing are the best of the best when it comes to the national football leagues they come from. The winner of the Champions League will be proclaimed the European Champion.

Just like in the previous Guessing Game on Roshtein’s website, all the registered users who have accounts on Stake Casino can join the game and compete to win part of the $50,000 prize pool! The winners are going to be determined based on the number of points collected during the entire duration of the Champions League. And after the last match was played and all points collected, top 50 guessers are going to be rewarded. 

Game Rules and Point System 

All who decide to join the Champions League Guessing Game, can place bets for one of the clubs to win or for the result to be a draw. Just like in the World Cup 2022 iteration of the game, all bets are completely free and the point system is based on the odds each of the clubs have before they enter the match. 

uefa guessing game rewards for the first 50 places

For example, in the first match of the Champions League Round of 16, Paris Saint Germain meets Bayern Munich. The odds for Paris Saint Germain winning are 2.25, Bayern Munich holds 2.88 while odds for a draw result are 3.75. The odds are displayed on the side of clubs’ names on the UEFA Champions League page. 

If you make your guess for the first match and enter Paris Saint Germain as a winner which ends up being true, you will collect 225 points for your correct guess. The points system is very simple - odds x 100 = the number of points. The only difference will happen during semi-final and final matches, when a correct guess will double the number of points won - (odds x 100) x 2 = the number of points.  

$50,000 Prize Pool

The UEFA Champions League Guessing Game comes with a huge prize pool of $50,000. Once the championship ends, the top 50 players on the leaderboard get to claim and enjoy part of this prize pool! ​

  • 1st Place - $10,000 
  • 2nd Place - $7,000
  • 3rd Place - $5,000
  • 4th Place - $3,000
  • 5th Place - $2,000
  • 6th Place - $1,000 
  • 7th - 50th Place - $500

Players who rank  from 7th to 50th place on the leaderboard get $500 each. The winners will be announced after the Champions Leagues ends. After their identities have been confirmed and we ensure all the requirements have been met by the winners, the money will be sent to their accounts.

More High-Quality Content for The TROOPS 

In his New Year’s Eve stream from Turks and Caicos, Roshtein mentioned that he wants to broaden the type of content he provides to his community. It wasn't long before the World Cup 2022 Guessing Game that he announced creating similar website events during other big sporting events. And here it is - UEFA Champions League Guessing Game with an amazing $50,000 prize pool to be divided among 50 users. 

The bet will open February 14, 2023 immediately after midnight CET. Make sure to place your guesses and good luck! 

// Richard