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Social Media Page Is Now Live on The Website

  • 📱 All-in-One Social Media Page: Stay updated with Roshtein's latest posts from various platforms on one webpage.
  • 🌐 Streamer's Social Hub: Access Roshtein's content from Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Telegram, and Snapchat.
  • 👨‍💻 Simplified Access: Easily navigate to the Social Media page from the Home Page using social media icons.
  • 🔗 Seamless Experience: Scan the QR code to access your chosen platform directly from the website.

Being a Roshtein fan and wanting to keep track of what your favorite casino streamer does might be challenging for some as it demands juggling between many different social media apps. Or it used to be demanding, to be more precise! From now on, you can check Roshtein’s latest posts across all platforms in one place - Social Media page on webpage!   

roshtein social media page

As a top content creator and entertainer on Twitch with a community of over 1 million people, Roshtein is active on more than a few online platforms. Aside from his daily streams on Twitch which attract tens of thousands of viewers on each occasion, Roshtein also has channels on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Telegram, and Snapchat

So, wanting to provide his community with the best experience possible and ensure they don’t miss out on anything, Rosh decided to gather his social media accounts in one place. The end result is users being able to go through his posts easily, with no hassle and no time lost! Not to mention less apps on their phones hence more phone memory and longer battery life.  

How to Access Social Media Page? 

Step 1: Go to Home Page.

Step 2: Beneath the Home Page navigation bar, you will see pill-shaped buttons with different social media icons. Click on any of them and you will be redirected to the Social Media page. 

Community members that go to this part of the website have the opportunity to see Roshtein’s highlighted posts in the social media platforms he is active on. Looking at the page, you’ll see on the left part of the screen social media boxes, each of them labeled by its official social media icon - bird for Twitter, play button for YouTube, and so on. By simply clicking on any of them, the posts will appear in the right part of the screen. There is also a QR code which, if you scan it with your mobile phone, will take you directly to the app you have chosen. 

social media page on roshtein website

This is a perfect page for those who want to stay on top of everything Roshtein is sharing with the community stream-vise as well as his more personal posts. For example, even if you don’t have Twitter, you will now be able to read his tweets and get a closer look at Roshtain as a person not only as a streamer. And then, in just one click, you can go from Twitter to YouTube and have fun watching Roshtein’s record-breaking wins. Overall, the Social Media page is an innovative and inspiring way of creating an even stronger community bond. With this website feature Roshtein ensured all the community members have equal access and no one feels left out. Even more than that, by implementing this feature to his website, he has shown just how much he values your time and how much he wants you all to feel included!

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