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roshtein home page and purple pencil
roshtein home page and purple pencil

Roshtein’s Homepage Gets A New Look

  • 🖥️ Fresh Homepage Design: Modern and user-friendly.
  • 🔍 Easy Navigation: Quick access to Bonus Hunt, Live, Socials, and more.
  • 📊 Compact Layout: Improved user experience and engagement.
  • 🎨 New Roshtein Logo - 2023: Clean, simple, and modern.
  • ✨ Focus on Community: New logo symbolizes stronger bonds with the TROOPS.

Roshtein is doing everything possible to create an all-encompassing experience for both new and long-time users who are cruising his website. This means that is going through pretty much constant updates and upgrades, all with premium user-experience in mind. And the latest upgrade that took place this week is a totally new look for the website's homepage and a fresh Roshtein logo.

Fresh Homepage Design 

The activation of the completely new and redesigned homepage took place this week! The days of animated background are gone and it’s all about the modern and open design that meets users’ needs and Roshtein’s esthetics requirements.  

homepage design

The focus of the new homepage is on providing users with access to all the most important stream data and Roshtein info right from the get go! And even though that was basically the mission for the last setup, the new homepage design is higher on the user-friendly scale thanks to the superb website navigation tactic applied.   

Immediately after they land on the Roshtein homepage, users are one click away from the most popular pages - Bonus Hunt, Live, Socials, and Connect where they can verify their account. Also, they are given an opportunity to immediately brown different sections of the website by choosing the specific category - Featured, Stream, Community, and About. 

homepage categories

Overall, the homepage has a more compact design that will be appreciated by both old and new members of the community. It will most certainly improve the user experience by providing easier access to different parts of the website, better engagement, and higher user satisfaction.  

New Roshtein Logo - 2023 

During Roshtein’s 7-year anniversary stream and his trip down the memory lane, Rosh shared with the community all the logo changes since 2016. There were 8 logos in total, including the new 2023 Roshtein logo. In 2018, the logo changed 3 times and as Rosh himself admitted - he has no idea what was happening at the time that made him change the logo so many times but clearly he was not happy with it! 

roshtein logo in white letters 2023

The new 2023 Roshtein logo is clean and simple! Roshtein written in white, modern but simple letters, without a legendary but non-existent crown or Rosh’s face, the new logo perfectly captures the new chapter of Roshtein’s casino streaming career. Focus is still on live gambling of course but a new special section of live stream will incorporate chatting sessions with the TROOPS, answering their questions, giving opinion regarding certain things, and so on. Roshtein wants to expand on the type of content he presents to the community and make their bond even stronger.

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