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roshcoin and roshie currencies
roshcoin and roshie currencies

RoshCoins and Roshies: The New Currencies Revolutionizing

  • 🪙 RoshCoins are a new currency on, obtainable by exchanging Twitch and Kick points, used exclusively for betting on RoshPlay.
  • 🎰 RoshPlay offers a platform for users to engage in slots and casino games using RoshCoins.
  • 🏆 Players' activities on RoshPlay are ranked on daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, with top performers earning Roshies.
  • 💰 Roshies, valued at $1 each, can be earned as prizes on the leaderboards and spent in the Store for various items.

Roshtein is setting a new standard with the introduction of two groundbreaking currencies: RoshCoins and Roshies. These innovative additions are not just transforming the way users interact with the platform but are also enhancing their gaming experience, offering unique rewards and benefits.

The Advent of RoshCoins

RoshCoins are the new buzz in the gaming community, especially among the followers of Roshtein. This novel currency can be acquired through a strategic exchange of Twitch and Kick points on the Rosh Exchange page at The introduction of RoshCoins is a game-changer for enthusiasts who have amassed points on Twitch and Kick, as they can now leverage their existing assets in a more engaging and rewarding gaming environment.

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What sets RoshCoins apart is their exclusive utility on RoshPlay, where players can use them to bet on a variety of slots and other captivating casino games. This integration not only elevates the gaming experience but also embeds a deeper sense of value and utility for the RoshCoins.

RoshPlay: A Platform Made for The TROOPS

RoshPlay emerges as a special and unique space of the ecosystem, offering a platform where RoshCoins are the key to participation. Gamers who wager on RoshPlay are not just indulging in their passion for gaming but are also competing for prestige and recognition on the RoshPlay leaderboard. The leaderboard is meticulously segmented into daily, weekly, and monthly rankings, ensuring continuous excitement and competition.

Earning Roshies: The Reward for Excellence

As players climb the leaderboard on RoshPlay, they are not just earning bragging rights but are also rewarded with Roshies, another innovative currency introduced by The top-ranked players in each leaderboard category receive Roshies, which hold a significant value: 1 Roshie equates to $1. This direct value association underscores the tangible rewards that come with gaming excellence on 

roshie cloin with r symbol in the middle

Roshies can be utilized in the Store on, where players can exchange them for a variety of items. This feature adds a tangible dimension to the gaming achievements, as players can now translate their virtual success into real-world value.

New Innovative World of Gaming & Casino Streaming 

The introduction of RoshCoins and Roshies at marks a significant evolution in the online gaming and streaming sphere. By integrating these currencies, Roshtein is not just enhancing the gaming experience but is also pioneering a new era of gaming economy, where achievement and engagement are directly rewarded. As players adapt to this new ecosystem, they are set to discover a more rewarding and immersive world of online gaming.


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