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twitch points, kick points, and roshcoin
twitch points, kick points, and roshcoin

Rosh Exchange: Revolutionizing Online Currency Exchange on ROSHTEIN

  • 🔄 Rosh Exchange is a new feature on allowing users to exchange Kick Points and Twitch Points for Rosh Coins.
  • ✨ Users can convert their points into Rosh Coins using simple, one-click transactions.
  • 💱 Kick Points, Twitch Points, and Rosh Coins have a specific exchange rates (10 Twitch Points = 1 Rosh Coin; 3 Kick Points = 1 Rosh Coin).
  • ⏲️ An Exchange Cooldown of 24 hours is applied to exchanges ensuring balanced and fair usage.
  • 🎮 Rosh Coins, obtained via Rosh Exchange, are the exclusive currency for engaging with games and activities on

In an exciting development for the community gathered around Roshtein’s streaming channel on, all the online gamers and casino streaming enthusiasts, has introduced a groundbreaking feature dubbed Rosh Exchange. This innovative platform allows users to effortlessly convert various types of points into another currency, enhancing their gaming experience and engagement on the site.

Understanding Rosh Exchange Platform on 

Rosh Exchange serves as a dedicated page on where users have the flexibility to exchange one form of currency for another. For instance, gamers can now transform their accumulated Kick Points into Rosh Coins with unparalleled ease.

Available Currencies on Rosh Exchange 

The currencies currently available for exchange on Rosh Exchange include Kick Points and Twitch Points which can be exchanged for exclusive Rosh Coins. This variety ensures that users have multiple options to maximize their points' value and utility across different platforms.

How Does Rosh Exchange Work? 

The process of exchanging currencies on Rosh Exchange is designed for user convenience. By visiting, users can select from available exchange options and complete their transactions with a single click. This simplicity and efficiency make Rosh Exchange a standout feature for the community.

Conversion Rates and Policies

The platform offers competitive conversion rates, with 10 Twitch points equating to 1 Rosh Coin and 3 Kick points translating to 1 Rosh Coin. However, users should note the Exchange Cooldown policy, which imposes a 24-hour waiting period for Kick points and Twitch points exchanges. Additionally, the balance of Rosh Coins can only be verified on, adding an exclusive aspect to this currency.

The Role of RoshCoins

Rosh Coins emerged as a pivotal element within the Rosh Exchange ecosystem. As the sole currency accepted on, Rosh Coins offer a unique value proposition, encouraging users to engage actively with the exchange feature to participate in various activities and games on the platform. 

roshcoins in blue color with play symbol on it

Even more than that, playing slots and other casino games on, gives you access to Roshies, another special currency that you can spend in the Store on Spin the slot reels, climb the leaderboard and Roshies as prizes!   

In conclusion, Rosh Exchange is a significant stride forward in the digital currency landscape of online gaming. By facilitating seamless and efficient currency exchanges, continues to enhance user experience, underscoring its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction in the digital entertainment domain.

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