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ucl website page with a football ball
ucl website page with a football ball

Latest Website Features - UCL Guessing Game & Connect Page

  • 🏆 UEFA Champions League Guessing Game: $50,000 prize pool!
  • ⚽️ Free Bets: Join the action and win big.
  • 🔗 Connect Page: Link your Stake username for special events.
  • 🖱️ Easy Access: Connect tab in profile section for seamless integration.
  • 🎉 Engaging Events: Raffles, giveaways, and more await.

With the goal to secure exceptional experience to both new and old users, we are adding something new each week to Roshtein’s website. All the applied changes, new features, and redesings are done so the users get easy access to everything they might want and need. From raffles and giveaways to the years-long statistical data, videos of most memorable stream  moments, and Live page, we are covering every aspect of the Roshtein’s casino streaming sessions and online gambling industry in order to provide premium service.     

Here are the latest website updates that guarantee an even smoother and more riveting experience to anyone who visits 

UEFA Champions League Guessing Game 

After the huge success of the Guessing Game held during the World Cup 2023 in Qatar, Roshtein wanted to organize something similar for other big sporting events as well. Given the fact the UEFA Champions League is one of the most watched sports tournaments in the world, Rosh decided to arrange another Guessing Game based on the matches happening during this championship.  

ucl guessing game page on roshtein website

Just like in the previous rendition of the Guessing Game, UEFA Champions League Guessing Game allows players to place free bets and win points. The top 50 players that have the most points after the last match of the tournament has passed get to divide the prize pool of $50,000 among themselves. In the special article about the Champions League Guessing Game, you can find out all you need to know about the rules, how to join this special event and play the game. 

Connect Page is Live

Given the fact that Stake username is important for users who want to join raffles and other special events on Roshtein’s website, they can now go to the Connect page and find out all they need to know about linking Stake username to their account. Users who already have an account at Stake Casino have to simply enter their username in the required field and click Connect button.  

connect page on roshtein website

However, if a user doesn’t have an account but wants to register, they need to click on the Create a Stake Account button located below the Connect button. By clicking on it, they will be redirected immediately to the Stake Casino where they get to fill out the necessary registration form. 

There is also a video on the Connect page which shows the whole registration process. This video is also narrated making it extra clear for everybody who wants to create a Stake account what are the steps they need to take. Here you can also see what are the perks of connecting your account on with your Stake username: ​

  • Easy access to Guess The Total Win and Guess The Score 
  • Eligibility to join special events 
  • Fast access to giveaways and raffles 
  • Unlocking unique website features and much more 

Connect Tab in Profile Section

The Settings tab in the Profile section has been changed and is now called Connect. It is another way for you to connect your Stake username to your account. Simply click on your profile account, find a Connect tab in a dropdown menu and click on it. This will take you directly to the page where you enter your Stake username and save it. Simply and easy! 

The latest website additions are all about engaging and rewarding events as well as easier website navigation! The new Guessing Game comes with a huge prize pool and free entry! All users have to do is link their Stake username! Click on the Connect tab in the Profile menu or go to the Connect page to do this and be eligible to win the raffles and other exciting events. 

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