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valentines day pink heart

Valentine's Day Streaming Special by Roshtein

Join Roshtein for his Valentine's Day Special on February 14!

The day when we celebrate love is just around the corner and Roshtein is joining the celebration with a special Valentine’s Day stream on Kick and Twitch! Just like every year, viewers who join Rosh for his traditional February 14 stream will get to enjoy a unique streaming session with lots of exciting events and memorable moments. 

You know Rosh, he never does anything halfway. So, get ready for the stream full of thrilling segments that will make this day even more special. 

On the day of love, Roshtein is once again showing just how much he loves and appreciates his TROOPS. The community members who join him for this traditional yearly stream will witness exceptional slot-spinning sessions, hefty raffles, massive giveaways, and one-of-a-kind events that will take their breath away. There will be a few surprises along the way as well just to spice things up even more and to keep the atmosphere at the top level.  

Roshtein is kicking things up a notch, or a few notches to be more precise, for Valentine's Day to provide the ultimate slots streaming experience to all the viewers. He is maxing up on fun and prizes like never before! 

It’s going to be a day to remember! Roshtein made sure of that by planning the things out till the last detail. After all, no one knows better than him what his TROOPS like and enjoy watching.  

Get ready for the premium Valentine's Day stream with Roshtein! Make sure you join him on this special day. Let’s celebrate love and togetherness! See ya on February 14! 

// Richard

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