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Roshtein's Announcement - Why Store is Not Being Updated Recently & 1 Million Special!

The reasons behind Store not being updated recently and all about upcoming 1 million special!

Many of you know, but some don't, that the store has not been restocked lately because of people cheating. I restocked some shit in the middle of the night when I was offline, and without getting to technical about things, it was claimed instantly. So people have been using bots through an API that can be used on the StreamElements store page, to claim any rewards in a split second.

Now, the idea of the Store and Points is very simple; the more you watch and engage in the community, the more likely you are going to be rewarded, if lucky. I always want to prioritize entertainment and make you laugh. Our community is where people can tune in and spend couple of hours, without feeling the need to subscribe or donate just to be "part of it". But if I can also give back more, in terms of giving you; crypto, apple products, microwaves, and such, it gives me even more joy.

What's next? Well, first I have to say big thank you to our great Dev team that just finished the "Guess The Total Win" feature on my website. They have now started to work on my own Point system with my own Store, on my website. This way I will be able to have full control of the Store and not rely on StreamElements. It will be easier to find cheaters and cross-check people, and much more.

What happens to your Points? Don't worry, your Points are NOT going to disappear. I will just transfer them to my own Store. You still have them, you still collect them, but I will not allows people to take advantage of me or/and steal from you.

So, I can not give you a time frame of when things are going to be done because it's a quite complex thing the guys are developing, but trust me. I want to get it done as fast as possible. I will update you here and on my website how things are going. But I even feel bad for not restocking now for couple of days. However, you can still get to win some crypto everyday on "Guess The Total Win" where you have a chance to win half of the profit of a Bonus Buy.

And also... last not but least. The 1M follower special will be celebrated when people are back from their holidays, both MODS and TROOPS. So I think its just natural that we do it maybe in the middle of August? That's when I'm guessing people are back and we can have a hell of a celebration. Again, thank you for being part of this great community, I love you all! 



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