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man wearing black hat and black t-shirt
man wearing black hat and black t-shirt

Roshtein Wins $2.5 Million & Sets New Personal Best on Mystery Museum Slot

Mystery Museum slot shows off its power with $2 million win in one single spin!

Another record set by Roshtein - $2.5 million win and new personal best on Mystery Museum slot!   

Upon viewers’ requests Roshtein dedicated a good part of his yesterday’s stream to Mystery Museum and Big Bamboo slots. The Bonus Battle was raging between these 2 games for a good 2 hours but this stunning win was not won during this part of the stream. Actually, after the bonus battle but before the Bonus Opening #695, Rosh was buying bonus rounds on several slots. 

The things were not looking good as his Bitcoin balance melted to $30,000 but one spin was enough to change this all around! Roshtein bought the Mystery Museum bonus round at $400 bet for $76,600 and got 8 free spins to play. 

man in black shirt and hat celebrates his win

On the very first spin, 2 Mystery Stacks landed on the 3rd and 5th reel while the second spin awarded another one, this time on the 1st reel. So, in just the first 2 spins Rosh ensured 3 of 5 reels are entirely covered by the same symbol that gets randomly chosen on every new spin. However, it was the 4th spin that changed the game completely. Not only did it add the 2 remaining Mystery Stacks to the grid but it also brought the Pharaoh as the randomly chosen symbol to cover the entire grid. 

The Pharaoh symbol is the highest paying one of the game and by covering the entire grid with it, Roshtein cashed in exactly $2 million. In one single spin!!! The rest of the free spins added around $500,000, making the end result of the bonus round $2,541,000. 

man in black hat looking up while winning large on slots

This is also officially the biggest amount Rosh won spinning Mystery Museum reels! Before yesterday, his biggest win was $2,107,040 won on the $400 bet as well. However, the biggest multiplier stays the same at 15,226x as the latest new personal best has 6,352x in value, quite far from the possible max win of 17,500x.

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