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man in black hat and black t-shirt smiling
man in black hat and black t-shirt smiling

Roshtein Lands Full Screen on Wanted - $6.7 Million Win

Amazing base game hit on Wanted that will be remembered for a long time!

The legendary Wanted Dead or a Wild slot pays again - $6.7 million in the base game! Roshtein managed to land VS symbols across all reels and we all know what happens when these bad boys fill the entire screen - cash explosion! 

Rosh was opening the bonuses from the hunt #721 while at the same time hunting for Dead Man’s Hand bonus on Wanted in the background. He just opened bonus number 16, Gates of Valhalla by Pragmatic Play, and was preparing to play ‘Need or Grid’ with the viewers when the VS symbols lined up on Wanted Dead or a Wild grid. 

man in black getting a great hit on slot

He stopped what he was doing and began repeating “Full screen! Full screen! Full screen!” while wearing the biggest smile on his face. Rosh was giddy as a child because he knew this means his balance is going to receive a significant boost. 

The VS symbols started expanding and revealing the multipliers - 2x, 2x, 5x, 3x, and 3x. The end result was $6,750,000! Roshtein was excited, saying: “We got it! We got it in the base game! YES!!!” It’s this amazing potential, available even in the main game, that made players fall in love with Hacksaw’s Wanted slot. 

Watch Roshtein Win $6.7 Million: 

Viewers were also able to hear VonDice, another popular casino streamer and long-time friend, congratulating Roshtein. He was streaming at the same time on his Twitch channel but joined in via call to share in the happiness of his bruv. “Well, well, well! If it isn’t Mr. Full Screen himself! My man! Oh what a beauty man - $6.7 million. Holly sh*t! What a beautiful sight! What a beautiful hit! Congratulations, buddy!” 

Roshtein was amazed that a casino game can produce such a skyrocketing win in the base game even though this is not the first time something like this happening to him while spinning Wanted. And this is not the slot's full potential - Roshtein got 15x out of 42x. Although the result could have been better with higher multies, 4,500x the bet is definitely a hit that’s worth celebrating. So, Rosh added 4,500 points to the satchels of all the viewers! That’s a nice batch that can help community members find something they want in the Store and redeem it.

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