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Roshtein Hits Jackpot with $3.4 Million Win on Beam Boys Slot

02 Feb 2024

  • 🎰 Roshtein won $3.4 million on Beam Boys slot by Hacksaw Gaming.
  • 💸 The win occurred in the 156 bonus, bought at the $500 bet.
  • 🐱 The jackpot was hit with three cat symbols during the last of 3 remaining free spins.
  • 🛑 Roshtein concluded the Weekly Bonus Buy stream segment after the win.
  • 💰 The Weekly Bonus Buy pushed Roshtein over the break even line.

Popular casino streamer Roshtein clinched a staggering $3.4 million win during his Latest Live Stream, captivating thousands of viewers worldwide. The monumental victory came from the Beam Boys slot, a recent addition to the iGaming scene by Hacksaw Gaming, during Roshtein's much-anticipated Weekly Bonus Buy segment. 

roshtein with golden satchel on screen

Roshtein, known for his high-stakes gameplay and charismatic on-screen presence, decided to explore the freshly released Beam Boys slot, intrigued by its simple yet highly entertaining gameplay and the potential for substantial payouts. Hacksaw Gaming's latest creation did not disappoint, as the game consistently rewarded the streamer, culminating in a jaw-dropping windfall. 

Roshtein ended up purchasing 156 bonuses at $500 bet each in this latest edition of Weekly Bonus Buy. It’s now how this usually goes, the number of bonuses bought is usually much smaller, but the Beam Boys game was showing to Rosh and to the community that it has the potential to fire up the reels, explode and produce massive wins. So, Roshtein stuck with it and it paid off big time!  

It was during the final moments of the bonus round number 156, with only 3 free spins remaining, that fortune smiled upon Roshtein. Three elusive cat symbols landed in perfect alignment, unlocking the massive $3.4 million win, almost 7,000x the bet, and sending the streamer and his audience into a frenzy of excitement. 

roshtein happy for winning on beam boys slot

This spectacular win marked a special moment in Roshtein's streaming career, prompting him to conclude the Weekly Bonus Buy segment on an unparalleled high note. By the end of the Weekly Bonus Buy, Roshtein has broken even and decided to vault the rest and as he said “with 97 bonuses left to open, everything else is just a gravy!”.  

With this type of introduction, you can bet the Beam Boys slot will have a special place in Roshtein’s heart and a special place in his future streams. There is no doubt that the latest Hacksaw creation will be among the dominating casino games in the upcoming period on the gambling platforms around the world. Roshtein’s win just confirms the amazing potential this release has and that achieving that potential is not impossible.


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