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man in black hoodie and green hat
man in black hoodie and green hat

London Calling! Roshtein’s Special Stream from a Hotel Room in London

Roshtein surprises community with a special stream from London!

Not wanting to let his bellowed community hang for 2 days straight without a stream , Roshtein decided to surprise them with a special stream from his hotel room in London. The whole streaming session was in Just Chatting mode so he was able to talk and answer followers' questions, once again proving how much he cares about the community

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Roshtein bought a laptop just so he could go live from his hotel room. Although by his own admission he doesn’t enjoy using a MacBook very much. He uses his PC for streams and when it’s time to chill and relax, he opts for iPad and TV. His biggest complaint about Mac is the keyboard or, to be more precise, Mac keyboard shortcuts. Still, he is definitely a fan of Apple products as he prefers using the iPhone exclusively. 

Business or Pleasure? 

Of course, people in the chat were interested in the reasons behind his trip to the UK capital. Rosh explained that it’s a very short trip, just 2 days, and that he’s there taking care of some business obligations as well as doing some shopping. He showed the community the new addition to his famous hat collection - a green bucket hat. When asked about the clothes, he explained that he likes high quality items but nothing flashy like big printed logos on T-shirts.

man in green hat smiling at the screen

The viewers also wanted to know where Sia, Roshtein’s extremely cute dog, is at the moment and he had to disappoint them and tell them that she’s not with him so she will not be joining them on stream. He doesn’t like taking her on short trips so he leaves her with a friend who pampers her.   

Talking about food was inevitable and Roshtein admitted he visited McDonald’s on his very first night in London. Don’t judge! He had his usual - Big Mac, Big Tasty, Cheeseburger, big fries, and the biggest diet coke on the menu. He shared with the viewers that he is going out after the stream, for a steak probably. As he said, he doesn’t want his food experience in London to be solely hotel food and McDonald’s restaurants. Still, that didn’t stop him from raiding a minibar and tasting some British snacks. He was not impressed but chips and milk chocolate were good enough. 

What Surprised Roshtein about London? 

In the short amount of time he had in London, Roshtein was the most impressed with the cleanliness of the entire city. However, traffic is apparently insane so he was debating taking a train tomorrow to finish the necessary errands. 

When asked about moving to the iconic European city, the only thing he could answer is - Not any time soon! The biggest downside of moving to London would be the strict restrictions the UK government has on gambling. The bonus buys are not allowed for example and that is one of the most important sections of Roshtein’s streams.   

man in green hat

His good friend and popular casino streamer Jay aka DeuceAce joined the stream via phone. Jay was preparing to open Rosh’s bonuses and the two friends were having a nice chat before that. 

Aside from shopping and business, Rosh had the time to sleep a bit more and recharge. Sleeping in hotel rooms is not an issue apparently as he is able to leave the work at home and completely relax. The room he was staying in had green walls so he jokingly said - I can’t escape the green screen! He also admitted that the lack of sleep is the only thing he complains about. He knows that not everybody can live the lifestyles he enjoys: 

I’m very blessed and I hope everybody is blessed as I am!” 

Promising a big bonus opening the next day and thanking all the people (more than 10,000) who chatted with him that night, Rosh decided to say goodbye and go grab some nice dinner. This type of stream was not the first for Rosh, he already did a live stream from Stockholm when he walked through his hometown and showed the viewers around the capital of Sweden. Hopefully, streams of this sort will happen more often as they make this close community grow even closer and stronger.

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