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Amazing 5000x on Coils of Cash Slot - New Record

19 Jul 2022

New record on Coils of Cash slot - $2 Million!

Roshtein broke another record and set a new personal best on the Coils of Cash slot by Play’n GO with a 5,000x win! Cashing in staggering 2 million dollars in one single spin! 

Opening bonuses from his #745 bonus hunt, slots were not showing up in the greatest light with average X being 57x for the first 46 bonuses. Things were so dead that Roshtein decided to have a quick bite off screen while also talking with the people in the chat. 

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The Coils of Cash slot was listed as the 47th bonus out of 120 and was hunted on a $400 bet. Given the deadness of the first 46 bonuses, expectations were low but that was all about to change!    

Rosh started 10 free spins bonus and as the spins were rolling out, there was no indication of the massive shake up that was about to happen. On the 8th spin, one of the premium symbols landed and in combination with 5x multipliers produced exactly $2 million win. 

Watch Roshtein Win $2 Million:

Roshtein was in the middle of answering a question from the chat when he realized what happened on the slot reels. He was so surprised, it took him a second to comprehend that it was such a big win. He started repeating: “Oh My GOD!!! Oh My GOD!!! Oh My GOD!!!” 

He stopped eating and showed on screen smiling and still staggered that the Play'n GO slot produced such a big win on a $400 bet. The complete end result of the bonus round was $2,092,200 or 5,230x the bet. Before this masterful win, the highest win was $696,700 on a $1,000 bet while the highest multiplier ever reached was 1,702x on a $400 bet. 

The people in the chat were equally surprised about the reel explosion that took place before their eyes. They started POG-ing the chat, celebrating Roshtein’s new achievement. As always, Rosh likes to share his good fortune with others so he gifted all the people watching him at that moment with 5,000 points.  


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