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uefa guessing game winners
uefa guessing game winners

Winners of UEFA Guessing Game 2023

Top 10 UEFA Guessing Game players divide $50,000 prize pool!

Another Guessing Game has ended on and the winners get to enjoy hefty cash prizes! After the highly successful World Cup 2022 Guessing Game, Roshtein has organized the same type of competition around the UEFA Champions League. The community members had a chance to join the game completely for free and win part of the $50,000 prize pool. 

Big Prizes for Top 50 Players 

The competition started with a UEFA Champions League Round of 16 and lasted for 29 matches in total. Thousands of players joined in and made their predictions match after match for a chance to win the ultimate prize. Each correct guess brought a certain number of points (balls) to the player’s account. At the end of this elite European football championship, the $50,000 prize pool was divided among top 50 players with the most points collected.     

The top ranked player has 6,179 balls (points) while the player ranked 50th collected 4,542 balls (points) meaning the Guessing Game competition was pretty tough! After all, each point counts and can mean a difference worth one or a few thousands of dollars. The prize pool is divided in the following way: 

uefa guessing game prize pool

Congrats to UEFA Guessing Game Winners!!! 

To all the winners of the UEFA Champions League Guessing Game, congratulations!!! Your dedication to the game, football knowledge, and luck were a powerful combination that pushed you to the very top of this competition. Now, you get to claim and enjoy big cash prizes! Once the Stake verification process is completed, the prizes will be delivered and you will get to have fun spending the prize money. 

Top 10 UEFA Guessing Game Players: 

uefa guessing game 2023 top 10 players

Future Guessing Games on 

With World Cup 2022 and UEFA Champions League 2023 Guessing Games being such a hit among the community members, you can bet we are not stopping here! You can expect the Guessing Game to take place again when another big sporting competition is launched. Roshtein loves engaging with the community in these sorts of events, bringing them all even closer together and presenting them with an opportunity to win amazing prizes!

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