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roshtein guessing game 2023 2024
roshtein guessing game 2023 2024

UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Guessing Game is On!!!

  • 🏆 Join the UEFA Guessing Game on now!
  • 🎉 Completely free to enter for all registered users.
  • 🔗 Connect your and accounts to participate.
  • 💰 Prize pool of up to $50,000 up for grabs!
  • 🥇 Top 100 players on the leaderboard will win cash prizes.
  • 🚀 Winners registered with the code "ROSHEIN" on get double the prize!

Here we go again - the UEFA Guessing Game is on!!! After highly successful guessing games organized for the previous Champions League season and World Cup, Roshtein is once again giving its community, especially the football fans, a chance to have fun and win amazing prizes! 

UEFA Champions League is the elite tournament where the best European football teams, the leaders of their national football leagues, try to reach the very top and be crowned the European champions. Being the UEFA Champions League winner is a matter of prestige among the players, fans, and teams in the Old Continent. 

Guessing Game Rules for UEFA Champions League 2023/24

champions league ball

Community members who participated in the last Guessing Game will be familiar with the rules of the competition organized on but let’s go through them again to avoid any confusion or possible misunderstandings. This is especially important for those who are joining the Guessing Game for the first time so make sure you read up on all the rules as well as Terms & Conditions! 

Who is Eligible to Join The UEFA Guessing Game? 

The prime requirement to join the UEFA Guessing Game is to have registered accounts on and on online casino. Make sure you connect and Stake accounts before starting placing bets as that’s one of the requirements as well. 

And in the case you don’t have an account on Stake yet, make sure you create an account by using the code name ROSHTEIN. Why? All the users who have previously created an account or are signing up for the first time under this code will have their winning doubled at the end of the competition. Also, one more thing, to be able to claim your prize, you need to wager at least $100 on before the competition ends. For a more in-depth explanation of the rules and T&C, go to the UEFA Guessing Game page on the website. 

How Does the UEFA Guessing Game Work? 

Just like in previous sports betting events on, the entrée to UEFA Guessing Game competition is COMPLETELY FREE! Players are simply required to place their “bets” aka to choose the winner on the website and wait for the end of the match to collect balls (points).  

uefa football matches for the first day of competition

The number of balls (points) collected depends on the odds of the winning football team. For example, the match between Milan and Newcastle comes with the following odds: 2.60 for Milan, 2.65 for Newcastle, and 3.10 for a draw. So, if you “bet” on the right result, the number of points you get is equal to odds multiplied by 100 (e.g. you bet on Milan and it wins, you get 2.60 x 100 = 260 balls). 

Prize Pool Up To $50,000 

The winners of the UEFA Guessing Game are decided based on the points they collected throughout the competition. The top 100 players on the leaderboard with the most points (balls) after the UEFA finals will get to divide the prize pool of up to $50,000! 

Now, the base prize pool starts at $25,000 but any of the winners registered on Stake via ROSHTEIN code will get their prize doubled. In the case all the winners are registered on Stake under the ROSHTEIN code, their winnings will be doubled and the prize pool will reach a breathtaking $50,000.   

The UEFA Guessing Game Winners Get: ​

  • 1st place - $2,500
  • 2nd place - $1,500
  • 3rd place - $1,000
  • 4th place - $600
  • 5th place - $400
  • 6th to 100th place - $200

Bear in mind this is without doubling the points! For example, the top-ranked player gets $5,000 if they registered in Stake Casino using the ROSHTEIN code.  

Let’s Play! 

The UEFA Guessing Game on is a perfect chance for all those football fans in the community gathered around Roshtein streaming channel on to show just how much they know about the favorite sport on the planet and the best European teams. But even if you’re not really into football, you can join in and have fun. 

And who knows, you might even win something! The odds are displayed below every team on the UEFA Guessing Game page to help you make a decision! After all, why not join in?! The entry is totally free and you can win and take home a piece of the really huge prize pool! So, let’s play and have fun! Good luck, TROOPS!

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