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uefa guessing game 2023

Champions League 2023 Guessing Game

Daily updates on UEFA Champions League 2023 matches and the Guessing Game stats!

Champions League 2023 - Final

The last day of the UEFA Champions League 2023 was full of excitement with Manchester City and Inter competing for the ultimate title. On June 10, the final game of the UEFA tournament of men’s European teams took place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul in front of over 76,000 spectators. It was a thrilling game that football lovers won’t forget! 

Man City VS Inter: 1 - 0

Manchester City began the final UEFA match with an unexpected change in the starting lineup with Nathan Aké replacing Kyle Walker, while  Inter Milan retained the same starting lineup that had played in previous rounds. 

Manchester City had many chances to score early in the match, but due to Inter’s impenetrable defense, the first half resulted without goals. The second half started with great opportunities by both teams, but the opening goal was scored in the 68th minute by Rodri. 

Inter’s striker Dimarco had a chance to score from a close-range header in the 89th minute, but Man City’s goalkeeper Ederson blocked it. With a result of 1:0, Manchester City became the winner of the UEFA Champions League 2023.  After scoring the only goal, City midfielder Rodri was named man of the match. 

Champions League 2023 Guessing Game - Day 17

The special UEFA Champions League 2023 Guessing Game organized for the TROOPS by Roshtein during this big sporting event, has ended and the leaderboard positions are now final. 413 players made their guesses on the UEFA Champions League 2023 finals and 173 were right in their predictions. The top 7 guessers are all getting a certain part of the $50,000 prize pool - 1st on the leaderboard with 6.179 points ($10,000), 2nd ($7,000), 3rd ($5,000), 4th ($3,000), 5th ($2,000), 6th ($1,000) and 7th place ($500). Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Champions League 2023 Semi-Finals - Leg 2 

The finalists of the UEFA Champions League 2023 are known! The elite European football competition will end this year with a face off between Manchester City and Inter! The UEFA Champions League finals are scheduled to take place on June 10! But let’s go over the semi-final leg 2 matches and see how Inter and Man City got to the finals! 

Inter VS Milan: 1 - 0 

The last semi-final game between Inter and Milan took place on Thursday and was once again a spectacle. It doesn’t happen very often, or ever, that the 2 UEFA Champions League semi-finalists come from the same city but these 2 clubs made it and made Milanese people very proud.    

ac milan football club flag

After the 2 - 0 win in the leg 1 match, Inter was going strong into the leg 2. Thanks to the amazing defense and the late second-half goal of Lautaro Martinez, they ended leg 2 match victorious as well. Those football fans who follow the Italian football league and European competitions know that it has been a hard few years for Inter. The club has been going through some serious financial problems but the players demonstrated that experience, full-on dedication to the goal, and sincere desire to achieve it can bring you to the very top of European football.    

Man City VS Real Madrid: 4 - 0 

While the leg 1 match between Manchester City and Real Madrid ended in a draw, the leg 2 match was a piece of cake for Man City. The legendary UK club demolished the defending champions and booked its ticket to the UEFA Champions League finals in Istanbul on June 10, 2023.    

real madrid football club flag

Given with what ease Man City was able to defeat Real Madrid, many think that Inter stands no chance in the finals. Manchester City players demonstrated amazing skills and determination on the field in the last semi-final game which Real was not able to match. And that was obvious in the score of the game - Bernardo Silva scored 2 goals in the first half while both Akanji and Julian Alvarez hit the back of Real’s net once during the second half.   

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 15 & 16

The atmosphere is heating up on our UEFA Guessing Game leaderboard! There is only one game left before the winners of the $50,000 prize pool are known! 

Over a 1,000 players placed their guesses on the last 2 games of UEFA Champions League semi-finals. In the game between Inter and Milan, 298 guessed the correct end score while only 161 players did the same for the match between Man City and Real Madrid. First 14 players on the leaderboard have over 5,000 balls aka points and given the small difference between them, it’s going to be a nail-biting experience for them while they wait for UEFA finals results in June.

Champions League 2023 Semi-Finals - Leg 1 

After a bit longer break, the UEFA Champions League is back on track! The first semi-final matches took place this week and they promise intense Leg 2 matches as teams continue to compete for the most prestigious football award on the European continent. 

Real Madrid VS Man City: 1 - 1 

The first match of the week took place on Real Madrid’s home turf but Man City was able to hold their own on Bernabeu Stadium and end with a tie. Although City was more dominant in the beginning of the game, Real Madrid’s Vinicius was able to hit the back of the City’s net. However, De Bruyne changed the atmosphere at the stadium in the second half when he managed to score a goal for a tie.     

real madrid and man city club logos separated by uefa football ball

The game ended in a draw which means that Real Madrid now has a more difficult task of landing a win in Manchester next week. There is no doubt the upcoming game will be sensational! 

Inter VS Milan: 2 - 0 

The atmosphere at San Siro Stadium was fiery for the UEFA semi-final play-off between AC Milan and Inter Milan. With not one but two football clubs at the European top 4, the city of Milan certainly has every right to be very proud. 

black and blue flag of inter football club

Inter was the one who ended the match victoriously with 2 points added to the aggregate result while AC Milan was left with none. Less than 10 minutes into the match, Edin Dzeko, one of Inter’s veteran players, managed to score a goal. It wasn’t long before Mkhitaryan, another Inter’s veteran, struck the back of Milan’s net once again. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 13 & 14

We are getting closer to the end of the amazing UEFA Guessing Game and soon the winners of the $50,000 prize pool will be known. For the first semi-final match 575 players made their guesses and 104 of them were correct with their predictions. Day after that, 439 players entered their guesses for the match between Inter and Milan and 124 made the right call choosing Inter as the winner of the game.   

After the first matches in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, the Guessing Game leaderboard has been updated and the top-ranked player has over 5,000 balls aka points. With the championship being almost over and the winner proclaimed, things are heating up! In just a couple of weeks we'll see who gets the hefty Guessing Game prizes! 

Champions League 2023 - April 18, 2023 

The last games of the UEFA Champions League competition took place last night and all semi-finalists are known now! After Real Madrid and Milan, Man City and Inter have secured their places in the next stage of the elite football competition.  

Bayern VS Man City: 1 - 1 

After the 3 - 0 loss in leg 1, everybody knew that Bayern had a difficult task to achieve if they wanted to qualify for the UEFA semi-finals. Although they fought hard last night, Bayern was unable to score enough goals to catch Man City in the aggregate result. 

uefa champions league ball on a podium

With a 1 - 1 score in the last night’s match, Bayern is finishing its UEFA adventure for this year and Man City is moving forward thanks to the 4 - 1 aggregate result. 

Inter VS Benfica: 3 - 3 

The Bayern and Man City game was not the only one that ended in a draw last night! Inter and Benfica also finished the match tied. However, due to the amazing performance in the previous game and a 2 - 0 win, Inter is progressing forward thanks to the 5 - 3 aggregate result. 

befica sempre logo

Nicolo Barella, Lautaro Martinez, and Joaquin Correa were responsible for the goals on the side of Inter while Fredrik Aursnes, Antonio Silva, and Petar Musa scored for Benfica. The semi-finals are on May 9 and 10 when Inter is meeting Milan.     

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 12 

For the last quarter-final matches, 801 players joined Roshtein’s Guessing Game. Out of all of them, only 53 were able to guess the end results of both games correctly. And 223 players got it right for one of the games. The placement on the leaderboard has once again changed with top 8 players now having over 4,000 points aka balls.  

Champions League 2023 - April 18, 2023 

The second leg matches of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals started last night and the first semifinalists were decided. Going to the next round of the elite football competition are the teams of Real Madrid and AC Milan. 

Chelsea VS Real Madrid: 0 - 2 

Real Madrid, the reigning UEFA champions, have secured their 11th semi-finals after defeating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium. After finishing leg 1 match 2 - 0 last week, Read Madrid has once again proved that they definitely deserve to move to the next stage of the legendary European championship. 

chelsea football club icon

Rodrygo was responsible for both goals, hitting the back of the Chelsea net for the first time at the 58 minute and the second time 10 minutes before the end of the match. The end result pushed the aggregate to 4 - 0 for Real Madrid, securing their passage to the semi-finals. 

Napoli VS Milan: 1 - 1 

Italian teams Napoli and Milan were headed against each other in the other match of the night and the end result was a draw. However, given the fact that Milan was more successful in the first quarter-final match (1 - 0), the aggregate result of 2 -1 is taking them to the semi-finals. 

champions league ball

Victor Osimhen scored for Napoli 3 minutes of the stoppage time while Olivier Giroud was responsible for Milan’s goal at the end of the first half. Although Napoli showed amazing dedication and desire to push to the next round, it was not enough to knock down AC Milan.    

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 11 

For the last games of the UEFA quarter-finals, 790 players joined Roshtein’s Guessing game! Out of them all, only 65 were able to make correct guesses on the end results of both matches while 516 guessed the right results in only one of the matches. The placement on the Guessing Game leaderboard has been updated after these games and now the top 2 players have over 4,000 balls (points) collected.  

Champions League 2023 - April 12, 2023 

On the second day of the quarter-finals of UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid and Milan ended the leg 1 match with a win. Although Chelsea and Napoli were on the losing side of the games, there is still a chance as the leg 2 matches are going to happen next week. 

Real Madrid VS Chelsea: 2 - 0 

Chelsea suffered a loss last night at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema managed to score a goal in the first half of the match while the highlight of the second half of the match was Marco Asenio’s goal which solidified the victory of the home team. 

real madrid football club flag

This means that Chelsea needs to score at least 2 goals in the rematch next week to have a real chance of going forward in the elite football tournament. The leg 2 game is taking place at Stamford Bridge next week and Chelsea will get the chance to show off a better game in front of their fans.      

Milan VS Napoli: 1 - 0 

The only goal in the last night’s match between Milan and Napoli happened at the 40 minute and was done by Bennacer, thanks to the great assist of Diaz. Italian Serie A teams, both Milan and Napoli showed a great game but Milan was able to successfully deter Napoli till the end of the match and keep the winning result. 

ac milan football club logo

Napoli did have a chance for an equalizing goal at the very end of the match but the try was unsuccessful. However, with only one goal difference in the aggregate score after leg 1, Napoli still has a chance to move things around and end up in the semi-finals. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 10 

In total 629 players joined the UEFA Guessing Game on Roshtein’s website and placed their predictions. After the games ended, 144 did guess correctly the winner in both games while 417 were successful in guessing results in 1 of the games.     

Champions League 2023 - April 11, 2023 

After almost a month-long break, the UEFA Champions League is back! The first games of the quarter-final section of the highly popular tournament took place last night! Inter and Manchester City teams were victorious, securing a significant lead before the start of the leg 2 matches. 

Benfica VS Inter: 0 - 2 

Thanks to the goals from Nicolo Barella and Romelu Lukaku in the second half of the match, Inter managed to secure a win in their leg 1 match against Benfica. Even though Benfica was playing in front of their own fans in Lisbon, the Italian team’s defense was rock-solid so they are going to the next match with great encouragement. 

benfica stadium areal view

Inter has not been part of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals since 2010 so starting quarter-finals with a win is a big deal. The leg 2 match will take place at San Siro next week, meaning that, besides the boost of confidence from leg 1 victory, Inter will also have the advantage of playing on the home turf and in front of their fans.       

Man City VS Bayern: 3 - 0 

In the first leg of quarter-final matches, Man City was able to secure the win against Bayern in an extraordinary match. Pep Guardiola's team managed to wreck the German Bundersliga champions with 3 goals from Rodrigo, Bernardo Silva, and Erling Haaland. Bayern looked rather helpless on the field last night but if anyone thinks they won’t put up a serious fight in leg 2, they are mistaken.  

entrance to the man city stadium

It was  a surprising turn of events for many football fans as Bayern is far from an easy opponent on the field! Still, this is Man City’s 12th consecutive season in UEFA Champions League and last night’s match certainly brought a new hope to the fans of the Premier League club that maybe this will be their year for a Champions League Trophy!      

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 9 

For the first quarter-final matches, 1111 people joined the UEFA Champions League Guessing Game on and made their predictions. Out of all of them, 1111 made correct predictions on end results for both matches while 1111 managed to guess the winners on 1 match. 

At the moment, the top 10 players on the leaderboard have over 3,000 balls aka points. The first position on the leaderboard is held by the player with 3,645 balls. However, with such small difference in results and given the number of matches left before the winner is finally decided, even people who are ranked much lower on the leaderboard have a chance to get their hand on one part of the massive $50,000 prize pool.  

Champions League 2023 - March 15, 2023 

The last Leg 2 matches of the UEFA Champions league took place last night and all the quarter-finalists are now known! There were no surprises when it came to results last night and the aggregate clearly shows that. Napoli and Real Madrid are the last teams to enter the top 8 round.  

Napoli VS Frankfurt: 3 - 0 

At Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Napoli once again demonstrated its dominance against Frankfurt and qualified for the top 8 in Champions League. This is the 3rd time in the history of Napoli football club that they were able to reach this high up stage of the competition. However, what makes the whole thing even more special is that they are the 3rd Italian club to qualify for the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals this year.    

frankfurt football club flag

After a 2 - 0 win in the Leg 1, Napoli played even better against Frankfurt on their home turf and ended the Leg 2 match with 3 goals while the guests were not able to score even one. Striker Osimhen scored 2 goals in each half while midfielder Zielinski was successful from the penalty mark which all led to the 5 - aggregate.    

Real Madrid VS Liverpool: 1 - 0 

In a Leg 2 match at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid landed another win against Liverpool and moved to the next round of the UEFA Champions League competition. Karim Benzema scored a goal in the second half of the game, brought the aggregate to the 6 - 2, and simply confirmed Real’s passage to the quarter-finals.    

liverpool football club flag

After a superb match at Anfield where the team from Madrid scored amazing 5 goals, it was pretty unlucky that Liverpool would be able to do the same while playing against Real Madrid at their home turf. The Reds were not able to beat Real since 2009 so them finishing the Champions League tournament at this stage of the match comes as no surprise.   

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 8 

For the last Leg 2 matches of the Champions League Round of 16 stage, 1,100 players made their prediction in the special UEFA Guessing Game event organized by Roshtein. 401 people were able to guess the correct results for both games while 511 made the correct result predictions for one of the matches. 

All top 8 teams to qualify for the UEFA Champions League are known and one of them will be lucky enough to win the legendary trophy. The football clubs competing for this prestigious award are: Milan, Bayern, Benfica, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Man City, Napoli, and Real Madrid.

Champions League 2023 - March 14, 2023 

As the Leg 2 matches of the UEFA Champions League continue, new European teams are getting qualified to the next stage of the championship. On March 14, the football fans were able to watch matches between Porto and Inter and Manchester City and Leipzig. 

Porto VS Inter: 0 - 0 

In the second game between Porto and Inter, the Italian team has managed to secure passage to the next round of the UEFA Champions League competition. The match ended in a draw (0 - 0) but with the aggregate 1 - 0 Inter is the next quarter-finalist. 

porto football club

This is the first time since 2011 Inter has managed to progress to the last 8 in UEFA Champions League. On the other hand, on the packed Dragao Stadium home team fans have been left disappointed. Porto had a few chances but was not able to succeed to hit the back of the Inter’s net. 

Man City VS Leipzig: 7 - 0 

The last game of the Round of 16 ended in victory for Manchester City. As a home team, Man City welcomed Leipzig at their Etihad Stadium and pretty much demolished the German club. Erling Haaland scored 5 goals while Gundogan and Kevin De Bruyne scored one each and secured the qualifications for the next stage of the elite football competition.   

leipzig and manchester city club flags

While the first match in Germany ended in a draw (1- 1), the second match between these teams left no doubts which one truly deserves to progress to quarter-finals. This game also became an important night for Haaland as he became Man City’s record-holder for the most goals scored in a season. With this 5 from last night, he has 39 goals which beats the Tommy Johnson’s record since 1929. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 7 

On the March 14 UEFA Champions League matches, 1,299 people made their guess on the UEFA Guessing Game. Out of all these people, 295 made correct predictions for both matches while 827 made good guesses on 1 match. At the moment, the top-ranked player now has over 3,000 balls (points) collected while the rest of the top 50 have passed 2,300 points.

Champions League 2023 - March 08, 2023 

The UEFA Champions League continues with its Leg 2 matches where the top European football teams try to pass the Round of 16 and move to the quarter finals of the tournament. The second and last match of the week brought 2 new quarterfinalists - Bayern and Milan! 

Bayern VS PSG: 2 - 0 

In the Leg to match against PSG, Bayern Munich dominated and was successful in moving to the next stage of the elite European football competition. The end result of the game was 2 - 0 thanks to Bayern's Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Serge Gnabry scored a goal each in the second half of the match, pushing the aggregate to 3 - 0 for Bayern. 

psg club and champions leagye amblems

Bayern managed to qualify for the Champions League top 8 in the last 4 seasons. On the other hand, PSA lost the opportunity to do so for the second year in the row. Needless to say, PSG and its fans are disappointed but Bayern deserved to move to the quarter finals based on the game they demonstrated. 

Tottenham VS Milan: 0 - 0 

The Leg 2 match between Tottenham and Milan ended in a draw but based on the aggregate, which between these two clubs is 1 - 0 for Milan, the Italian club is going to the quarterfinals. In the second and the last game of the Champions League Round of 16, home team Tottenham tried to take the lead and find a way to overturn the result from Leg 1.

tottenham football stadium

However, both teams were not able to take the lead during the match and Tottenham's hope they will be able to move to the next stage were pretty much demolished when defender Cristian Romero was given the red card 12 minutes before the end of the game. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 6 

1,459 people made their predictions for these matches on the UEFA Champions League special event Roshtein organized for this elite competition. 139 of them managed to guess the correct results for both matches while 798 made correct predictions for the result on 1 of the matches.

After this week's games, all top 50 players on the event’s leaderboard have over 2,000 balls (points). However, there are 17 matches to go before the Champions League ends and this year's winner is known which leaves a lot of room for ranking on the leaderboard to change.

Champions League 2023 - March 07, 2023 

The UEFA Champions League Leg 2 started last night and it was an exciting beginning for teams wanting to qualify for quarter-finals. And the first 2 teams to go to the next stage of the Champions League tournament are known! 

Benfica VS Club Brugge: 5 - 1 

Benfica has qualified for quarter-finals in a match against Club Brugge which left no room for even an ounce of doubt. The home team dominated with 5 goals, 2 of which were netted by one of the Portuguese football favorites Goncalo Ramos, who showed his playing skills during World Cup 2022 as well. Rafa Silva, Joao Mario, and David Neres also struck 1 each for Benfica. 

benfica stadium pre game

On the other hand, Club Brugge’s Bjorn Meijer netted one goal in the last quarter of the match. This was the only goal for Club Brugge in the Round of 16 while Benfica had 7 in total. Only one thing can be said about this duel - Benfica truly deserved moving to the next stage of this elite football championship. 

Chelsea VS Dortmund: 2 - 0 

After a loss in the Leg 1, Chelsea was able to not only end the match on the home field with a win but also secure the pass to the next round of UEFA Champions League. By netting 2 goals, Chelsea managed to overturn the 1-0 defeat in Leg 1 and celebrate at the end of the game. 

champions league banner

Chelsea had the support of the fans on the fully-packed Stamford Bridge and there were more than a few chances for both teams . However, while Chelsea scored 2, Dortmund was not able to find the back of the opponents’ net. So, after the end of the Leg 2 match, the aggregate was 2 - 1 for Chelsea. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 5 

For the first day of Leg 2 matches, 1,099 people joined Roshtein’s special Champions League event and placed their guesses on what the results would be. Out of them all, 333 made the right predictions on the results on both matches while 574 guessers made the correct prediction on 1. 

There are 19 games more to go and the top 50 players who have the most points after the Champions League finals ends will get to share the amazing prize pool of $50,000.  

Champions League 2023 - February 22, 2023 

The last UEFA Champions League Leg 1 matches took place yesterday and ended in a win and a draw. Starting next week, the stakes are getting higher with Leg 2 matches where final results will determine who goes to the next stage of the most prestigious European football championship.    

Inter VS Porto: 1 - 0 

At the packed San Siro Stadium, Inter managed to finish the match with a victory against Porto in the Leg 1 of the Champions League Round of 16. The visiting team had more than a few chances to hit the back of the net of the home team but failed each time. 

romely lukaku inter footballer in black and blue jersey

Inter’s Romelu Lukaku scored the only goal of the match at the 86 minute, just a few minutes after Porto was left with only 10 players on the field due to Otavio receiving a red card in the 78 minute. Porto has a chance to change things around in the second leg which is being played March 14, 2023 on their home turf.   

Leipzig VS Man City: 1 - 1 

In the last Leg 1 match of the Champions League Round of 16 between Leipzig and Manchester City both clubs managed to score 1 goal and end the match in a draw.  Leipzig was not at the top of their game in the first half and Manchester’s Mahrez found a way to take advantage of that and scored the first goal of the match in the 27 minute

flag of manchester city football club

However, after the break, Leipzig was playing a much better game and its defender Gvardiol bagged an equalizer in the 70th minute of the match. Man City has been able to qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals in the past several years but for that to happen this year as well, they will have to beat Leipzig in the second leg happening on March 14. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 4 

On the 4th day of Round of 16 matches, 1,168 players entered their predictions on the UEFA Champions League Guessing Game organized by Roshtein. Out of all of them, 799 got the result right on 1 match while 52 of them made correct guesses on both matches.  

The $50,000 prize pool will be divided among 50 top-ranked guessers after Champions League finals. After Round of 16 Day 4, the guesser ranked first on the leaderboard managed to collect more than 2,000 ball aka points. However, the rest are not that far behind meaning any of them have a chance to win the biggest prize - $10,000.

Champions League 2023 - February 21, 2023 

In the second week of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, four European football teams had their Leg 1 matches. While Napoli had a pretty clean win, the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid is the most memorable so far. 7 goals in total in the 90 minutes of the match and the absolute crashing of the host Liverpool on their own turf was painful for many spectators at the Anfield Stadium.  

Frankfurt VS Napoli: 0 - 2 

The match between Frankfurt and Napoli in Germany saw the hosting team losing 2 to 0 thanks to the goals of Victor Osimhen and Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Napoli continues their amazing season and after the starting victory, they now hold high hopes that they will be able to qualify for the quarter-finals.   

blue flag of napoli football club

Frankfurt was playing a strong game during the first half but the loss of striker Randal Kolo Muani in the early stages of the second half due to the red card affected the dynamic between the teams on the football pitch. If Napoli manages to secure the victory in the leg 2 of the Round of 16 played in March at Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, it will be a historic moment for the legendary Italian club. 

Liverpool VS Real Madrid: 2 - 5 

A night to remember or a night to forget, depending who you were cheering for! At the Anfield Stadium, Liverpool was a host for the Round of 16 match against Real Madrid. Two giants of the European football scene had a face off with so many twists and turns keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. 

anfield stadium in liverpool

Liverpool started strong, breaking the Real Madrid defense in the first 15 minutes of the match, not once but twice, and scoring both times. However, it wasn’t long before Real Madrid picked up a pace and blasted full-force forward. Vinicius Jr scored the first and second goal for Real Madrid at the 21st and 36th minute, showing Liverpool that they are not allowed to put their guard down. Real Madrid's dominance continued during the second half of the match when they scored 3 goals and secured the Leg 1 victory which puts them significantly closer to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.  

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 3 

There were 1,867 players who placed their bets on Roshtein’s Special Website UEFA Event that allows all registered members to make their guesses and win points for a chance to get part of the $50,000 prize pool. However, it seems that the end results of the matches on the 3rd day of Champions League Round of 16 were not how many of the guessers thought they would be. 

From all those Guessing Game players, 895 made a correct prediction about the result of 1 game while no one correctly guessed both matches. After these matches, all top 50 Guessing Game players on the leaderboard have over 1,000 collected points. Don’t forget to place your free bets on the upcoming fixtures for a chance to win some hefty cash prizes.

Champions League 2023 - February 15, 2023 

The second day of the Champions League Round of 16 saw Belgian champions Brugge meet Portuguese Benfica while Dortmund and Chelsea met at Signal Iduna Park. There were no draws in last night’s leg 1 matches and viewers were able to enjoy spectacular games. 

Club Brugge VS Benfica: 0 - 2 

The match between Brugge and Benfica was a Champions League debut for Scott Parker who became manager of Belgian champions back in December 2022. Unfortunately for him, his first match in Champions league was a losing one for his team and now he faced a difficult task of ensuring Brugge finds its way into the quarter-finals of the tournament. 

benfica flag

Benfica, which ended a group stage at the very top, managed to secure a win in the first game of the knockout stage. The first goal of the match was Joao Mario’s penalty shot in 51 minute while Neres hit the back of the Brugge’s net at 88 minute. 

Dortmund VS Chelsea: 1 : 0 

In the first leg of Champions League Round of 16, Dortmund has overcome Chelsea thanks to the spectacular goal by Karim Adeyemi in the 63 minute. Although Chelsea did have a fair number of chances, players were not able to finish any of them with a goal. Adeyemi was the only one from both teams who was able to find the back of the net in a stelar counterattack and lead its team to victory. 

dortmund flag

The clubs are mettinging again on march 7, 2023 for the second leg of the Round of 16. The pressure is now on Chelsea to find a way for entering the next stage of the competition. 

UEFA Champions League 2023 - Day 2 

For the second day of the Champions League Round of 16, 1,903 players entered the Guessing Game organized for this special sporting event organized by Roshtein. Out of all these players, 608 made the right guesses for the results on both matches while 925 were able to predict the right score for 1 match of the night. 

Players who made right guesses were rewarded with points based on the teams’ odds. Top 50 players are determined based on the points collected. Going to the leaderboard will give players info on who are the top 5 players and the number of points they have gathered as well as what is their own ranking and how many points they need to reach 1st place.

Champions League 2023 - February 14, 2023 

The UEFA Champions League Round of 16 officially started last night! The teams to kick off this elite football competition on the European continent were Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Milan, and Tottenham. The first 2 matches were held in Paris and Milan and both started at 21h CET.  

Paris Saint Germain VS Bayern Munich: 0 - 1 

In the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16, PSG met with Bayern Munich at the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris. Although PSG was able to fight off the Bayern Munich attacks through the 1st part of the match, in the 53 minute of the game, Kingsley Coman (a footballer born in Paris and raised in PSG) managed to break home team’s defense and score. 

psg and bayern munich club icons

Having football icons Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Lionel Messi on the pitch during the Coman’s attack apparently was not enough to ensure Paris Saint Germain’s net stays intact. The situation reminded football fans of the 2020 Champions League final between PSG and Bayern when Coman was the one to score the winning goal and beat the Parisian team. 

The 2 teams meet again on March 8 in Munich! 

Milan VS Tottenham: 0 : 1 

The second match in the first day of Champions League Round of 16 2023 saw Italian FC Milan take a win against Tottenham Hotspur. Milan came out strong and Brahim Diaz managed to hit the net of the opposing team at the 7th minute of the match. This was the only goal of the match held last night at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (also known as San Siro). 

white flag of tottenham hotspur

Although Diaz’s early goal was a hard awakening for Tottenham, they managed to keep their net safe for the rest of the game. There were just a few real chances during the entire match which showed that both teams are essentially in good form. However, this win means a lot for Milan as they have not been able to qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals since 2012. This gives the Italian team an advantage and a real chance to move to the next stage of the competition. 

The teams meet again on March 8! 

Champions League 2023 Guessing Game - Day 1 

The special UEFA Champions League 2023 Guessing Game organized by Roshtein brings TROOPS a chance to win a part of the huge $50,000 prize pool. There were 2,355 players who joined this unique event and placed their bets aka guesses on the first 2 matches of the elite European competition. 

On the first day of the Champions League Round of 16, 1,122 guessers were able to predict the results for 1 match while 329 guessers predicted the exact score for both. However, while 1,451 players were able to rank on the leaderboard thanks to their match predictions, this is just the beginning of the Champions League 2023 Guessing Game. There are 27 games left till the end of the competition and the positions on the leaderboard can change right to the very end. So, make sure you place your guesses on every match and the part of the grand $50,000 prize pool might be yours.

UEFA Champions League Has Kicked Off!

After 3 and a half months, the Champions League is back! The UEFA Round of 16 officially starts on February 14 and the top European football teams are competing for the title of the best in the old continent. The finals will be held June 10, 2023 at Ataturk’s Stadium in Istanbul.  

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The top 16 teams from European leagues that have qualified for this round are: Liverpool, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Milan, Tottenham, Bruges, Benfica, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Napoli, Leipzig, Manchester City, Porto, and Inter. At the end of the Round of 16, 8 of these teams will proceed to the next stage and get the chance to compete for the trophy.  

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 - Day 1 

On the Day 1 of UEFA Champions League, football fans will be able to watch 2 matches, both of which start at exactly 21:00 CET. The teams to enter the football field today are Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich and Milan and Tottenham. 

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The match between Milan and Tottenham is taking place at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The clubs have met 4 times so far and out of those 4, Tottenham won 3 and 1 ended in a draw. However, this time around, Milan is a favorite in online sportsbooks. When it comes to PSG and Bayern, they are pretty close but the French PSG has a slight advantage in sportsbook odds. 

Special Guessing Game on 

Just like for the World Cup 2022, community members get to place their bets on UEFA Champions League matches as well and compete for the grand cash prizes! All bets are free and the top 50 people who collect the most points by the end of competition will get to share the $50,000 prize pool.   

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Make sure you read our exclusive UEFA Champions League Guessing Game article to find out how the point system works and what are the rules for entering this contest and winning the prizes. The Guessing Game starts now and will last till the end of the competition aka till June 10, 2023 when the final match will be held. 

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