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spaceman flowing in space
spaceman flowing in space

Spaceman - First Crash Game by Pragmatic Play

Experience the crash game like never before.

Pragmatic Play is blasting players into gaming outer space with its new and exciting crash-style game -  Spaceman. With this latest release, Pragmatic Play is once again establishing itself as the leading online casino provider by pushing the industry borders and giving players exactly what they want. 

spaceman flying through cosmos

The new RNG multiplayer game Spaceman provides players with a fast-moving and highly entertaining gaming platform. The studio has kept the simple crash game mechanics but has improved the visuals significantly with vibrant colors and smooth and cute animations, making the whole experience even more immersive. Pragmatic has also added a social aspect to the release by placing a chat box at the top right part of the screen where those betting on Spaceman can talk and have fun. 

Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: 

We are excited to release this intergalactic crash game with such a social atmosphere as per our current live casino vertical. The unique 50% cashout feature shows our commitment to the industry to deliver on player-centric experiences. This is yet another opportunity to offer our fans and new players an immersive and engaging environment in a simple and attractive format.”   

Ticket for this intergalactic gaming exploration costs between $1 and $100. You have 10 seconds between rounds to place your bet and the most you can get from this trip around the galaxy is 5,000x the bet. Once the spaceman is launched into space, the bet multiplier above his head starts moving up as well. The goal is to cash out your winnings before he crashes. 

spaceman hanging to the planets not to fall down

The crash can happen literally within a couple of seconds of the launch or it can last until the max potential is reached. This is randomly decided by the game algorithm. The Spaceman game also has a unique 50% cash out feature that allows players to remove the winnings for the half of their bet size and continue with the rest up the riskier path. 

Taking a trip with a Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is truly an amazing experience but the game design and mechanics are better suited for players who are more risk-inclined. However, with both small and big bets possible, even low-rollers can enjoy this journey. High max win adds more to the game’s general appeal while extra features such as chat and leaderboard give room for the creation of a vibrant community centered around the Spaceman game.  


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