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Voodoo Magic Slot review

Pragmatic Play


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Pragmatic Play is no stranger to horror-themed slots, with many prestigious titles such as Wild Walker, the thrilling slot version of The Walking Dead. With Voodoo Magic, the developer turns their head to the mystery religions of the Louisiana swamps. Voodoo Magic is out to explore new horizons, bringing many unique features, three distinct flavors of free spins, and the jackpot of 1,000x the bet.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

When people mention Voodoo, most think of the New Orleans version. Although this is the norm, much of Voodoo originated from the Caribbean and, at its heart, an African diasporic religion. Voodoo practices revolve around many elements, varying from one region to another. Pragmatic Play’s Voodoo Magic presents the religion's multifaceted aspect on a 5-reel, 40-payline configuration, which is filled to the brim with skulls and reptiles, each reflecting the lives of the practitioners. The only human in the game is the Manbo, gently stirring her bubbling soul cauldron on the right side of the screen, paying some of the highest value at 10x the stake for five of a kind.

A product from the genius minds of Pragmatic Play, Voodoo Magic is a highly volatile slot. Specifically, the developer rated the game a 4.5 out of 5 on the volatility scale, foretelling an eventful slot experience. The RTP is decent, sitting at the higher-than-average 96.50%, enough for many features to kick into gear and pave the way towards the end-game reward of 1,000x the bet.

When players hit two Scatters on reels 2 and 3, the game will reward them with two caustic Potions representing Mystery Curses and Fortune Hex. With Mystery Curses, the game adds a random number of Wilds to the screen before scoring. With Fortune Hex, the game removes all low-paying symbols and Scatters until only high-paying ones remain.

The Free Spin bonus round is accessible through landing 3 Scatters on reels 2, 3, and 4 or purchasing a bonus buy-in for 80x the stake. During free spins, mystery symbols may appear and can transform into any one set of matching symbols. Additionally, the priestess can use her magic to do the same thing. Before the round starts, the game presents three cards, each hiding a different level of free spin:​

  • Voodoo Free Spins: Comes with a minimum guarantee of 10x the stake
  • Super Voodoo Free Spins: Comes with a minimum guarantee of 25x the stake
  • Mega Voodoo Free Spins: Comes with a minimum guarantee of 50x the stake

All levels of free spins equally award 5 Free Spins. If players haven’t got the minimum winning worth 25x the stake, the game will award five additional Free Spins until they do so.

Roshtein’s Take

Voodoo Magic features visually stunning graphics and a boogie-woogie soundtrack when the game evolves into its final form during free spins. This game has a good buy-in option and three free spin rounds with a minimum guaranteed win. The potential can be underwhelming, with a meager jackpot, and dotted with small wins with no multipliers to fight the odds. However, if you're short on time or only want to play for a few minutes, this game is still a decent choice.


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