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The Big Dawgs Slot review

Pragmatic Play


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Discover the edgy world of The Big Dawgs, a slot sensation by Pragmatic Play that promises more than just spins and wins. Here, the back streets come alive with a daring blend of tough canines and urban intrigue, inviting you to a game where every moment brims with suspense and style. Get ready for an experience where the thrill of the gamble meets the raw charm of street life. The Big Dawgs is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

In The Big Dawgs, the slot action unfolds in an alleyway that's both mysterious and vibrant, set against a 5x5 grid. This alley scene is brought to life with rich graffiti art, creating an atmosphere that's both edgy and intriguing. 

As the reels spin, you'll encounter a quirky mix of symbols that really capture the street vibe. There are items like baseball bats, dog bowls doubling as grenade holders, tough-looking dog collars, and knuckle dusters. These are your lower-paying symbols, but they add so much to the game's urban feel. Then, there are the Bad Dawgs themselves. These aren't your average pups, they're the high-value symbols, each exuding a sense of toughness and street smarts. It's a unique blend of urban aesthetics and playful menace, perfectly cap turning the slot's lively yet gritty theme.

The ambiance of the game is greatly enhanced by its soundtrack, which complements the whole setting. The reels spin against a backdrop of rhythmic beats and street-style music, adding a layer of depth to the gameplay.

Besides its visually appealing design, The Big Dawgs slot also offers a competitive RTP, 2,304 ways to win, and flexible betting range. The 5,000x multiplier isn’t one of its strongest assets, as we’ve seen slots with much higher multipliers, but there’s still a good chance of winning big.

When it comes to features, the Big Dawgs slot is fully packed. As you spin the reels, symbols tumble down to fill them in. If some of your symbols match, they will disappear in the background to be replaced with the Wilds. The lower-paying symbols leave a Wild, while the dog symbols leave behind a Multi Wild. The tumbling process continues until there are no more winning combinations. The 2x2 or 3x3 Big Dawg Colossal Wild is another symbol that appears on random positions before tumbles. 

Screen Clear Multiplier adds an extra layer of excitement. When the screen is cleared of all symbols except Wilds, which can't form a win, a random multiplier (x2, x3, or x5) is applied to the total win of that sequence. This can significantly boost your winnings, especially after a series of successful tumbles.

The game offers a unique twist with its Free Spins Feature. Hidden behind the symbols on the reels is the word DAWG written both horizontally and vertically. By revealing one of these words, you trigger the Dirty Dawg Free Spins. If you manage to reveal both words, you unlock the Double Dawgs Free Spins.

The Dirty Dawgs Free Spins round starts with 5 free spins and a dynamic multiplier. For each winning tumble during a free spin, the multiplier increases by +1. The multiplier resets to 1x at the end of each free spin, but revealing the word DAWG during this feature can award additional free spins or even trigger the Double Dawgs Free Spins.

The Double Dawgs Free Spins round awards 10 free spins. Here, the multiplier increases with each winning tumble just like in the Dirty Dawgs Free Spins, but with a twist: the multiplier doesn't reset after each spin. This can lead to increasingly large wins as the Free Spins round progresses.

Finally, for those who prefer to cut straight to the chase, there's the Buy Free Spins Feature

allowing you to buy your way into the Free Spins round. You can purchase a spin that triggers Dirty Dawg Free Spins for 80x your bet or Double Dawg Free Spins for 250x your bet. This feature is particularly appealing for players looking to experience the high-adrenaline bonus rounds immediately.

Roshtein’s Take

Gave The Big Dawgs a whirl and I've got to say, it's a solid game. Pragmatic Play's take on the street theme really sets a cool backdrop. The gameplay's engaging, especially with those unique bonus features that add a nice twist. It's not about the biggest wins here, but more about the vibe and the overall feel of the game. Definitely a decent choice for those looking to mix up their slot experience with something a bit different.


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100% up to €400

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