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Road Rage Slot review

NoLimit City


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Nolimit City’s creations stand out due to their creativity and uniqueness. Even though the picture Road Rage paints isn’t the prettiest, it conveys a message everyone can personally identify with. It is the frustrating feeling of being permanently stuck in the long line of traffic during the afternoon jam in the middle of the summer. Road Rage simulates all the situational elements, including screaming angry slurs and aggressive horn blasts, on top of the 36,000x jackpot.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

Nolimit City’s game design is second to none. Their past work has been full of ingenuity and quirkiness, which covers a wide range of dark adult themes that people enjoy. Road Rage does feel lackluster in the art department but it still has several pluses in storytelling and overall sound design. One of the most outstanding aspects of the game is the number plates of the drivers, which uniquely represent their characters. Amongst them is “SPILL3D JOE”, whose payout is highest at 5x the stake for a 5-of-a-kind.

Road Rage plays on a 5x3 configuration with a maximum of 259 paylines. Players might want to buckle up for the game’s volatility of 8/10. The RTP, however, is much more lenient at 96.03% while the additional bonus buy-in options can further increase this number to benefit players. In the end, Road Rage is not about numbers but about the massive jackpot one can achieve, which is 36,000x the stake.

The cars in the game are all Wild symbols. Wilds substitute for any symbol in a winning except scatters. A specialty of Road Rage’s Wilds is that each color car represents a different effect:​

  • Yellow Car: Increases the size of every symbol on the reel they’re on by +1.
  • Red Car: Increases the multiplier by +1 for every symbol it passes through as it moves from right to left and becomes a wild symbol.
  • Green Car: Does the same thing as the Red Car but moves from left to right instead.

When the Red Car and Green Car collide, they become the Colliding Wild, and their multiplier values combine into one. The Colliding Wild is sticky if either of the cars is sticky due to one of the bonus effects.

Players need to collect at least 2 Traffic Light Scatters to start the bonus round. The game will reward them with one respin and guarantee wild cars on the reels containing the scatters. Landing 3, 4, or 5 will open up more opportunities with 6 Morning Rush spins, 8 H1ghway Jam spins or 10 City Mayh3m spins, respectively. 

Players also get chances to upgrade their bonus round to the next level. Specifically, they need 1 or 2 Traffic Light Scatter(s) to upgrade from Morning Rush to H1ghway Jam; and 1 Traffic Light Scatter to advance from H1ghway Jam to City Mayh3m. Before the bonus round starts, however, Rage Buff, another feature, will play. During the bonus rounds, anywhere from 1 to 3 Wild Cars become sticky and stay in their positions. Additionally, individual Sticky Wild Car will award +1 spin at the beginning of each bonus round upgrade.

Every bonus round in Road Rage starts with the Rage Buff feature. The game awards players with extra free spins, an increase in sticky multiplier value, or an increase in drive-by multiplier value. Lastly, players can choose from four flavors on the bonus buy menu. They can pay 66x, 270x, or 660x the stake for instant access to Morning Rush, H1ghway Jam, or City Mayh3m. Another option is paying 334x the bet for equal chances of getting into one of the three bonus rounds.

Roshtein’s Take

Road Rage is like a driving simulation. Everything is confusing at first, but you quickly get used to it. The base game is fine, but the juiciest part is in the bonus rounds. Everything is about stacking up the multipliers and getting the most out of free spins. Since Rage Buff activates with every bonus round, winnings are guaranteed a boost. Among the Nolimit City games, Road Rage is at the very top in my book. It is an experience I look forward to enjoying again in the future.


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