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Vending Machine Slot review

Hacksaw Gaming


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Unwind and relax with Hacksaw Gaming’s late-night snacking machine. The city might be asleep but the vending machines never are! However, instead of dispensing cold drinks, this Vending Machine dispenses cold, hard cash! Dive into a Lo-Fi/Ghibli films-inspired world full of innovative features and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

Unveiling an intriguing nighttime setting, Vending Machine is a cutting-edge and unconventional game developed by Hacksaw Gaming. The game captures the tranquility of a quiet cityscape perfectly while a cat is contemplating the starlit sky and a girl is engrossed in her mobile phone.

The game revolves around a variety of snack symbols along with a cleverly integrated row multiplier system that amplifies your winnings. It enables you to get up to 10x row multipliers per spin, with these multipliers growing independently as the winning symbols are amassed in Cascading sequences. A unique attraction is the Booster symbols, which can either double a single row multiplier or all of them, furnishing the game with an interesting twist of uncertainty and luck.

As the game progresses, the player may initiate with merely three or all five-row multipliers illuminated and operational during the bonus rounds. Interestingly, these row multipliers do not stagnate but keep advancing during the entirety of the features. This fetches the player an opportunity to inch closer to the 5,000x prospective winnings, making each spin more thrilling.

Delving into further details, the game proposes an innovative Multiplier Lights feature. Here, each row initiates with the multipliers out of sight, thus, inoperative. However, these multipliers continue to acquire values between x2 and x10 every spin. The real excitement sparks when a Lightning Bolt symbol surfaces on the row, rendering these multipliers active. 

Another captivating feature lies in the Remove and Cascade system. Set in motion at unpredictable times at the end of a winning streak cascading sequence, it triggers a fresh cascade after eliminating all the low-value symbols from the grid, thereby prolonging the winning streak of the player.

The game is embellished further with 2 exciting bonus rounds, namely the LO-FI Spins Bonus Round and the Spin and Chill Bonus Round. The former activates with 3 FS symbols and initiates the feature with three Multiplier Lights active on arbitrary rows. The thrill prolongs with infinite free spins until all the multiplier lights have been deactivated by the Blackout Skull. 

The latter bonus round, on the other hand, activates with 4 FS symbols and fires up with Multiplier Lights activated on all five rows, continuing as long as there are active multiplier lights in view.

Last but not least, the game also offers a Bonus Buy Menu comprising 3 high-volatility options. First is the classic Bonus Hunt FeatureSpins, a toggleable feature that triples your bet size but increases your likelihood to trigger the bonus round by 5x. The other two are instant passes on both of the game’s bonus rounds for 100x and 200x your stake.

Roshtein’s Take

Vending Machine is an extraordinarily ambitious project by Hacksaw. The theming is great and catches the lo-fi vibe immaculately well. The girl next to the vending machine totally resembles an alt, grown-up version of the original lofi study girl. 

As for the gameplay, it's just as thought out. The gameplay really feels like a real vending machine, as opposed to just some cheap reskin slapped on an automat. Nevertheless, the concept still needs some work to reach the rank of other premium Hacksaw releases such as Wanted Dead or a Wild slot


Welcome bonus

10 signup spins

100% up to €400

100 free spins