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Hand of Anubis Slot review

Hacksaw Gaming


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Hand of Anubis is a stern-looking yet extremely intriguing online slot, featuring gravestone-like pay symbols and the menacing death god watching your every spin. Collect cursed Soul Orbs and various elemental blocks in service to the fearsome Anubis.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

The game is being played out on a 6x5 slot grid situated at the entrance of the ancient Egyptian underworld. The main base game feature in Hand of Anubis slot by Hacksaw Gaming is the Red and Blue Soul Orb. They can exclusively land only in the base game and function as Wild symbols that absorb the power of all cluster wins in a round. 

The Red Orbs increase the multiplier by +1 for each symbol in a winning cluster whereas the Blue Orb increases it per winning cluster. Both Soul Orbs multiply each other if they are connected.

To trigger the bonus game of Hand of Anubis, you need to land Free Spins Scatter symbols. However, the amount of scatters you land will change the bonus game type. 

The Underworld Bonus Round triggers when you land exactly three scatters in a cascading sequence and it awards you with 10 free spins. Below the grid, you will see five numbers under each reel that represent multipliers.

Anytime you land a cluster-pay winning combination, your column’s multiplier will increase for each winning symbol on the corresponding reel. In addition, you’ll have the chance to land special Anubis symbols that multiply your reels by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x. Overall, each reel can reach a multiplier value of up to 9,999x!

The below multipliers are, however, inactive throughout the free spins bonus round and you’ll need a special green Soul Orb to light them up. Only then will the multiplier add to your wins. Each time you manage to activate your multiplier it will boost any win and you’ll also receive +3 extra spins.

In order to trigger the Judgment Hold-and-Win bonus, you need four bonus scatters in the same cascading sequence. During the feature, only blank tiles or special tiles will drop. Columns are topped with multipliers, and their values are increased by four special symbols:​

  • Skulls increase the reel multiplier value up to +100. 
  • Epic Skulls add +1 to +100 to all reel multipliers. 
  • Anubis Skulls multiply the reel multiplier by x2 to x10. 
  • Epic Anubis Skulls multiply all reels multipliers by x2 to x10.

The reel multiplier doesn’t activate unless an Ice Block symbol appears. Whenever it lands, it will shatter and a multiplier block will drop shortly after. Its value will reflect the multiplier value of its corresponding reel at the time.

The last feature of the Judgment bonus round is the Crusher Symbol. When it lands it will crush all multiplier blocks below and absorb their value. Although this doesn't add any value on top, it does open up space for more symbols to fall.

Lastly, as with most Hacksaw Gaming titles, you’ll be able to skip the base game and jump right into the action with their bonus buy option. It is located on the left-hand side of the reels and you can purchase both bonus games for 129x and 200x your stake, respectively.

Roshtein’s Take

Hacksaw Gaming just gets better and better. Right from the get-go it is clear that the Hand of Anubis slot is definitely something they put a lot of effort into. The base game of this release is immersive thanks to the amazing atmosphere Hacksaw managed to create through visual and audio effects. Both bonus games are great and pay especially well when Epic Anubis Skulls land.

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