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Cubes 2 Slot review

Hacksaw Gaming


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A sequel to the highly playable game by Hacksaw Gaming, Cubes 2 expands upon its predecessor's unique and minimalistic gameplay design. By adding extra features and increasing the jackpot to 11,000x the bet, Cubes 2 stays true to the original in appearance while making the game infinitely more approachable.

Betting Options and Bonus Features

Players by now would have familiarized themselves with Hacksaw’s innovative art styles. While Cubes 2 maintains its original appearance with a blend of Rubik's Cube and Tetris, the rest of the game keeps its minimalism to ensure smooth gameplay. Players can find satisfaction in lining up five consecutive symbols, vertically or horizontally, to begin receiving rewards. For up to 25+ stacks of cubes, players can net a sizable 40x the wager.

Cubes 2 applies the same mechanic that made its prequel so enjoyable. By winning constantly, the grid size increases by one layer, from 5x5 to 6x6 to 11x11, the maximum extent. If the winning streak ends, Cubes 2’s grid size resets to the default size.

Hacksaw Gaming made a few tweaks to the math model. Firstly, the RTP moved slightly down to 96.33%. Secondly, the game increases in volatility, moving from medium to high. The increase in risk is all in play with the jackpot reward, which has shot up from the original's comparatively meager amount to a colossal 11,000x. The game, in general, still hits hard and provides tons of entertainment with the bonus round.

The Corner Multipliers quadruple the fun with four “X-s” covering the corners of the default grid. Whenever players land a winning combination(s) on these stationary points, they will reveal a multiplier according to the number of symbols within the winning combination. If the winning combo covers more than one “X,” the game adds the multipliers together before applying.

Players can gather five unique color clusters to access the Free Spin bonus round. Before the bonus round can start, the game highlights the color of the cubes used to trigger the bonus round and gives players a starting 5 Free Spins. Additionally, mysterious gray cubes appear on the screen, which players can pick from to reveal extra free spins.

During the round, wins with highlighted color cubes become sticky, and the grid does not reset. Players would be pleased that the Color Blast feature made a grand comeback with additional reward tiers. Gathering 50, 70, and 90 highlighted cubes will instantly net players prizes of 500x, 2,500x, and 7,000x the wager as a reward.

The second unique feature is the Multi Color Free Spins. Players can activate this feature by getting all four “X” corners on the same color. After which, players can pick from mystery gray boxes to reveal free spins. Multi Color Free Spins’ rules are similar to the Color Blast feature, except that Color Blast’s cubes-collecting mechanic does not appear.

Lastly, players can buy access to the Multi Color Free Spins and Color Blast Free Spins features by paying 109x and 129x the bet, respectively. With bonus buy-ins, the game reveals mystery cubes to pick from per usual, but the only highlighted color in the bonus round will be the first color that appears.

Roshtein’s Take

There are multiple ways to earn free spins in Cubes 2, and you can collect cubes to fill your bankroll with loads of money. The feeling of getting five extra free spins or two more cubes coming in clutch for that sweet epic win during the bonus round is unparalleled. The only downside is the slight increase in difficulty, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the game.