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Crazy Time Slot review

Evolution Gaming


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There’s no doubt that Evolution Gaming is the leading supplier of online live casino content. It’s proven with each brand’s release, and Crazy Time is certainly no exception. This game provides a unique money wheel experience with crazy twists and turns, numerous bonus features and huge winning possibilities. 

Betting Options & Bonus Features

This game is built around a money wheel with extra special features and 4 bonus games. Every new round starts with a bet selection - players place stakes on numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, or on bonus rounds. After the wagers are placed and the betting is closed, the dealer spins the wheel with 54 segments containing weather numbers or bonus game icons.  

Depending on the bet choice, the RTP ranges from around 94% to 96% (average 95.41%), while stakes start from just 10p per spin. However, the prizes are quite valuable with maximum winning potential going all the way up to 20,000x the bet

Gameplay is rather simple - wheel stopping on the number field, multiplies your bet with that number. But there’s a catch in a form of the Top Slot feature found above the wheel that can reveal multipliers and increase your stake even more.  

Wheel landing on a bonus game icon, trigger the respective special round:​

  • Coin Flip - Two random multipliers are assigned to the red and blue sides of a coin tossed by a Flip-o-Matic device. Whichever color lands face-up award its bet multiplier. 
  • Cash Hunt -  Takes place on a shooting gallery board displaying moving 108 individual multipliers covered by symbols. The player gets one “shot” by clicking on it to reveal a hidden multiplier.
  • Pachinko - Played on a huge physical Pachinko wall with 16 channels. A puck is dropped in by the presenters and awards the multiplier it lands on. If it lands on the field with a “double” sign, all prizes are doubled and the presenter repeats the game. 
  • Crazy Time - The game shifts into a room full of random animations and a huge virtual wheel divided into 64 segments that include multipliers, Double and Triple symbols. You get to choose blue, green or yellow colors corresponding to three flappers at the top of the wheel. Landing on Double or Triple fields increases all prizes, and the wheel spins again if the right color flapper is chosen. 

Roshtein’s Take

Troops, you all know that my preferred poison is slots, but that I’ve also developed quite the taste for Pachinko. While that’s just one bonus feature in Crazy Time, it’s the one that makes me advert my attention to this game. 

And oh boy, it seems like a hoot. Not to mention potentially quite rewarding, as the max prize goes up to 20,000x the bet. Although these types of games are not my cup of tea, this one looks quite worthy of the time. 


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