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Your Opinion Matters - Community Feedback

  • 📢 Share Your Feedback: Live Chat and Social Media now live on Roshtein's site! We want your thoughts.
  • 📧 Email: Send feedback to our support team about new features and future plans.
  • 🤔 Questions to Consider: What do you think of Guess The Total Win? How's your experience with Live Chat?

Very important and interesting things happened this week - Live Chat and Social Media page are now available to all the users of Roshtein’s website! And as you know, based on the sneak peeks we gave you in the last couple of weeks, this is just the beginning. 

We have so many exciting things planned and all with a specific goal of ensuring community members get the most out of their stay on the website! Now, with Live Chat and Social Media being active, we want to ask for your feedback.  

Given the fact that the whole Roshtein’s website is community-oriented, your opinion needs to be heard. So, we invite you all to write an email to our support team with your take about the recently added website features and what you think about our future plans for the website. 

Do some things need to be improved? Have you been enjoying the Guess The Total Win feature?  What can we do to make your experience run even more easy-going? Are there things that bug you? Have you tried Live Chat and if yes, what do you think about it? What about Social Media page? What about our Sneak Peek articles? Are you excited about the things we are preparing for you? What else would you want us to include among the features? 

Your feedback will be much appreciated! Remember, all the things we are doing on the website are for you - the community! So, it’s important to hear your opinion, to know if we’re on the right track. Let’s talk!

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