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Store Goes Live Tomorrow

New Roshtein Store is Ready to Open Its Doors to TROOPS!

Get your points ready TROOPS! The exclusive re-opening of the Roshtein Store is taking place tomorrow (Friday, 09/06/2023)! 

store reopens

After almost a year, a new and better Store is about to be open on! It’s a new chapter for our community and an important step in ensuring all the members get the equal chance in claiming items from the Store. So, prepare your satchels. It's time to spend your hard-earned points and claim attractive items!  


How to Earn Points? 

Very easy! Just watch Roshtein’s live streams and you’ll be rewarded with points which are then transferred to your account. These are the points you can later use in the Store to claim all the amazing items! However, we won’t stop there! The new ways of earning points will be introduced soon! 

earn points

What Happened to Twitch Points? 

All the Twitch points you have earned by watching Roshtein live streams have been securely transferred to your account on When the Store opens, you will be able to spend them there and purchase the listed items.    

twitch points

How to Check Points? 

Before claiming any of the items in the Store, you need to ensure you have enough points to do so. You can check the number of points available on your account by clicking on your profile picture at 

check points

When Does The Store Restock? 

Restocking of the Store will happen randomly during Roshtein’s live stream. People who are in Roshtein’s Telegram group will be given a heads up some time before which will allow them to prepare and get ready for item claims. 

store restock

Why is The Store Empty? 

The Store functions by the simple principle - The early bird gets the worm! That means that the fastest and the luckiest ones will be able to claim the items they desire. In case you visit the Store and it’s empty, don’t worry! It won’t stay that way for a long time!

empty store

What to Do if I Need Help? 

In case you are not sure how certain things function or you encounter any type of problem, you will get the answers and the solutions on Roshtein’s Discord channel. Simply join the Roshtein server and ask your question!  

store help

In creating a new Store, we made sure all the bases are covered and the users get the best experience possible! Hopefully you’ll get to claim the items you want! Have fun and remember restocking will be happening regularly! Cheers!