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New awesome things
New awesome things

SPOILER ALERT: New Awesome Things That We're Adding To The Website

  • 🛍️ Store Upgrade: Daily quests, VIP memberships, and more await.
  • 🎰 Bonus Buy Battle: Watch slots go head-to-head in a thrilling competition.
  • 🚜 Farm of the Week (FOTW): Compete for the highest wins on high-potential slots.
  • 🎁 Daily Raffles: Exciting prize drops with a twist coming your way.

As many of you know, our Dev team has been working around the clock to upgrade the website and provide you with an even better experience. The highest quality is the only acceptable standard and we all know that great things take time to make. 

But the new features we’re working on will be a bomb! Cooler and more valuable items, bigger interaction, surprise gifts. 

Store Feature 

The Store is up for quite an upgrade with plenty of interesting stuff coming our way. There will be daily quests, VIP membership and ranks just to name a few. As usual, the more active you are, the greater the chances to collect more points. 

new store features

Bonus Buy Battle 

Another super-fun feature we’ll be adding is a bonus buy tournament or battle. It is a competition between at least two slots in which bonus features will be bought for the same amount and compared by the score. 

bonus battle

FOTW (Farm of The Week)

Farm of the Week or short FOTW is something we’re truly excited about. The goal is to achieve the highest and rarest win on a high potential slot spinnin' in the background. 



Many new daily raffles are in the plan and they’ll come with a twist. Make sure to check it daily and don’t miss the chance to win exciting prize drops. 

The big things are cooking and they will be awesome. I’m so excited about the interesting features coming our way that I just had to share them with all of you. Be patient as new items are completely worth the wait. 

Once again, thank you for being part of this community.

// Richard

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