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Sneak Peek: Upcoming Website Features

New Exclusive Website Features are Being Activated Soon!

After revealing some of the upcoming website features last week, we are giving you another EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK into special upgrades our Dev team is working on right now. Everything happening behind the scenes is done with one goal in mind - to elevate the user-satisfaction to the top level and bring the community even closer together!

Expect a smooth and fun website experience! Fresh and exciting features, revamped looks, and extremely easy-going navigation are just some of many community-focused upgrades we have planned for you! 


leaderboard website feature

As a community member, you will get to track your ranking on the Leaderboard which has been redesigned and modernized. In this section you can get the info regarding the points won and the amount of time spent watching Roshtein’s stream. But, what do you think about the new Rosh-focused currency?! More about that soon! So, stay tuned!   

Bonus Buy 

bonus buy battle

Coming back on the website in grand style is Bonus Buy! Whether we are talking about Bonus Buy Battles or Bonus Buy Tournaments, these are some of the most popular sections of Roshtein’s Twitch streams. And, we found a way to make them even more exciting and entertaining! 

Our plan is to include live bonus buy updates on the website so you can track battle and tournament score progression right there! And maybe, just maybe, we have a couple of more surprises up our sleeve!   

Social Media 

social media website feature

Roshtein is active on pretty much all major social media platforms and if you want to keep up with him, you have to jump from one app to the next! But that is soon going to be all part of the past! Thanks to the upcoming Social Media page, all Roshtein’s posts are going to be collected in one place and ready for viewing whenever you want.   

Comment Section

comment section website feature

The future plans also include the activation of the comment section! You will be able to leave your comments on everything we publish on the News page. Even more than that, you will be able to engage in healthy discussions with other community members and have fun. 

Live Chat  

live chat website feature

Your opinion matters to us and we want to ensure your voice is heard! That’s why we are adding a Live Chat option where you get to report any type of issue to the experienced moderators. They are going to ensure everything gets settled as fast as possible and you get to enjoy your time on the website to the fullest! 

There are so many extraordinary things to look forward to in the future and I can’t wait for you to have access to all the cool features the team has come up with in the last couple of months! I promise you - it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind experience!!!

// Richard