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Roshtein’s Sub Badges Poll - Community Votes & Decides!!!

  • 🗳️ Sub Badges Poll for Kick on Viewers vote for their preferred sub badges.
  • 💡 Roshtein's Commitment: Valuing community input in channel branding.
  • 🌟 Participation Impact: Viewers contribute to channel's distinctiveness.
  • 📅 Voting Details: Visit to vote & remember - poll closes on December 29, 2023.

In the dynamic world of online casino streaming, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging is pivotal. Recognizing this, Roshtein has embarked on an initiative to deepen his connection with his audience. The latest buzz? A unique opportunity for viewers to have a say in what sub badges they receive on by casting their vote on Roshtein’s Sub Badges Poll.

What are Sub Badges on a Kick Streaming Channel? 

Kick sub badges are more than just digital icons; they're symbols of support, dedication, and a shared journey between the streamer and their community. Roshtein's poll empowers his viewers to vote on the designs of these coveted badges, enabling a deeper level of engagement and personalization.

This move underscores the importance of subscriber badges in the streaming universe. They're not just aesthetic additions but are integral in showcasing subscriber support and enhancing the viewer experience. With a variety of stunning designs to choose from, participants can help tailor the Kick sub badges in a way that resonates with the channel's identity and ethos.

These badges are designed to not only elevate the visual appeal of his stream but also to inspire loyalty and a unique sense of identity among his followers. This venture stands as a testament to Roshtein's commitment to his community, offering them a voice in the channel's branding and a chance to contribute to its distinctiveness in the competitive world of streaming.

This is a chance for the viewers to leave their mark, to be part of something bigger than themselves. For Roshtein, it's a step towards nurturing a more interactive and cohesive community, where every member feels valued and connected. Stay tuned to witness how these custom Kick sub badges transform the face of Roshtein's channel, one vote at a time. 

Roshtein Sub Badges on Kick Channel 

Here’s the list of the Sub Badges the community gets to choose from. Check them out and make sure you go to the Polls page on and cast your vote! Remember each vote counts! The poll closes December 29, 2023! 

Sub Badge A  - Click to see full-size image! 

sub badge a roshtein kick

Sub Badge B - Click to see full-size image! 

sub badge b roshtein kick

Sub Badge C - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge c roshtein kick

Sub Badge D - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge d roshtein kick

Sub Badge E - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge e roshtein kick

Sub Badge F - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge f roshtein kick

Sub Badge G - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge g roshtein kick

Sub Badge H - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge h roshtein kick

Sub Badge I - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge i roshtein kick

Sub Badge J - Click to see full-size image!

sub badge j roshtein kick