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shopping cart with pink gifts
shopping cart with pink gifts

Roshtein Store - Live Now!

  • 🎉 The day has arrived: The Store is live on Roshtein’s website!
  • 💼 Get ready to spend your hard-earned points on premium items.
  • 🛍️ Enjoy a smoother and more fun experience with the fresh Store design.
  • 🆕 Fresh arrivals and popular favorites await in the Store's item selection.
  • 🛒 How to claim: Ensure the item is in stock and you have enough points, then await moderator approval.

The day has finally arrived - Store is live on Roshtein’s website! All that point-collecting is going to pay off big time now! So, get your satchels ready TROOPS, it’s time to do some spending! 

Have Fun Buying Premium Items

It’s been a long time coming but, starting today, the Store is open to all the registered community members on the Roshtein’s website! The main focus of the redesign was Roshtein’s desire to provide the community with the best possible user-experience and give each and every one of them a fair chance at purchasing any of the items listed in the Store. 

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As you already know, bots have been ruining it for everybody so Rosh decided to put a stop to all that nonsense, protect the loyal members of the community, and elevate the whole concept of the Store. This new approach meant applying completely fresh design, new way of collecting and storing points, and better and greater items selection! 

Now, with the Store finally being launched, you get to enjoy scrolling through the page, finding your preferred items, and claiming them! While there, you’ll notice some brand-new additions to the Store page that will make your page-navigating experience much smoother and much more fun.  

When it comes to items available for purchase, some of them have proven to be very popular among the community members before so we decided to include them in this rendition of the Store as well. However, there will be some fresh arrivals as well!  

How to Claim a Store Item? 

Claiming procedure regarding any item in the Roshtein Store is pretty straightforward and easy. All Twitch points have been transferred to your account on Roshtein’s website and at the moment, that’s the budget you have at your disposal. To be eligible to claim any item, it has to be in stock and you need to have enough points on your account to cover the cost of the item. 

Once the item is claimed, the transaction needs to be approved by the moderator. Whether your purchase gets approved or declined, you will be notified. In the case of declining the purchase, you will also be notified about the reasons behind that decision.   

Shopping Extravaganza! 

The community has been patiently waiting for the Store upgrade, watching Roshtein’s streams and collecting points. Your time has finally come guys! Open up your satchels and have fun spending your hard-earned points! Shopping extravaganza may start! Hope you truly enjoy your experience in the new Roshtein Store.

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