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new website features november 2022
new website features november 2022

New Website Features in The Last Month

  • ⚽️ World Cup 2022 Guessing Game: Join the excitement, make daily predictions, and compete for a share of $100,000!
  • 🎟️ Raffles Page: Explore past and present raffles with ease in the new active Raffles section.
  • 🔁 Re-Guess Button: Now, have a second chance with the Re-Guess feature in Guess The Total Win.
  • 🗣️ Community Feedback: Your input matters! Share your thoughts to help shape the website's future enhancements.

Roshtein has not been streaming for over a month but he has been applying all of himself in finding ways to upgrade user experience on his website. It’s a well known fact that Roshtein’s biggest inspiration is the community that was built around his channel so he wants to provide all of the members with an absolutely immersive and rewarding experience on his website.  

For this to happen, Roshtein made sure community members have access to all sorts of features. The number of available website features has been growing and there are many interesting things coming out in the near future! 

Let’s check what are all the cool changes implemented to the website in the last month!  

World Cup 2022 Guessing Game 

The World Cup 2022 started in Qatar last Sunday and Roshtein decided to bring the community closer around this global spectacle. He added a special Guessing Game to his website and provided community members with one-of-a-kind experience. People who have registered accounts on both and in online casino have the opportunity to make their daily predictions regarding the World Cup 2022 matches. 

world cup 2022 guessing game leaderboard

This unique website feature is especially appreciated by the football and sports betting fans as it provides them with a chance to showcase their game knowledge and win some astonishing prizes. Each of the correct guesses brings a certain amount of points aka balls and the top 50 players with the most points at the end of the World Cup 2022 will get their share of the $100,000 prize pool. The rewards are as follows: 1st place - $25,000; 2nd place - $15,000; 3rd place - $10,000, 4th place - $4,000; 5th place - $2,000 while the rest of the 50 top players get $1,000 each. 

The Raffles Page is Active 

In the Rewards section of the website, the Raffles page has been activated. This is the place where you’ll be able to check out everything important regarding the past and present raffles. The entire raffles section can be filtered in 4 ways: ​

  • Active - Not Joined (active raffles that you didn’t yet joined) 
  • Last Ended (the results of the last held raffle)  
  • Active - Joined (status of the raffle you already joined)
  • Ended (the list of all ended raffles with dates and winners’ names)  

Re-Guess Button Added 

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, website features is Guess The Total Win. Being connected to the Bonus Hunt, part of the stream community members especially enjoy, thousands and thousands people submit their guesses during each bonus opening. Up until now, members had a chance to make their guess and that was it! However, now they have an additional chance to make their guess thanks to the Re-Guess button. But re-guessing is allowed only once so make sure you completely agree with your new guess. 

Community Feedback 

More than a month ago we asked you to give us your opinion about the website, about what you would change or add when it comes to the features. Roshtein’s website is community-oriented so it’s only logical for the community to give their take on what we have implemented so far. Your honest opinion is always appreciated so the invitation for constructive feedback is never-ending!  


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