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blue talk box with white dots

LiveChat Option Active on Roshtein.Com

All the details about new website feature - LiveChat!

Starting today, all the community members have access to the LiveChat feature! After Guess The Total Win, this is the first big feature to be activated on the website but it’s just one in the long line of amazing additions being prepared!

In the past couple of weeks you have been given sneak peeks into all the exciting new features our team is working on to make your website experience more entertaining and easy-going. And LiveChat is going to do exactly that - ensure all your questions are answered as quickly as possible! 

roshtein home page with live chat arrow

The feature is easily accessible - located in the down-right corner of the screen is a live chat box, simply click on it and you will be provided with the space where you can ask your question and explain your problem. Experienced customer service representatives will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible. You will also have to fill in a short information sheet with basic info like your Twitch username and email.  

roshtein livechat box open

The goal of including a LiveChat option was to ensure community needs are met and any issues that may arise are taken care of quickly. This, as well as all the other website features that are planned to be implemented, is Roshtein’s way of ensuring the community members are treated with the respect they deserve. As Rosh said it himself many times in the past, dedication of the community is the prime drive behind his casino streams on Twitch and the main reason why streaming each day is not a task or an obligation but an enjoyment. This and the upcoming website features are just his way of showing appreciation for the community!   

So, if you have any questions or issues, don’t be reluctant to use the LiveChat feature! Friendly and experienced customer service representatives are at your disposal and will make sure you get all the information you need so your stay on the website goes as smoothly as possible.