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photo of the roshtein's website with silver axes
photo of the roshtein's website with silver axes

Latest Website Updates - Bonus Battle & Fresh Designs

  • 🚀 Elevating User Experience: 2023 Website Updates!
  • 🔄 Fresh Features: Enhancements for all the TROOPS.
  • 🎉 Bonus Battles Unleashed: Dive into the thrilling world of Bonus Battles!
  • 💫 Casino Page Revamped: Discover a new, sleek design for browsing top bonus offers.
  • 🔗 Connect with Stake: Link your Stake username for raffles and giveaways.

One of the Roshtein’s major goals for 2022 was to incorporate powerful features to the website and elevate the user experience to a whole new level. In 2023, we are continuing down the same path, developing the website with the same goal in mind - make it more immersive and entertaining for frequent as well as first-time users. 

First Website Updates in 2023 

The team has been working hard to deliver top-notch products in different website segments and that trend is continuing in 2023. The first website updates of the year have been released and are active on the website. 

New features consist of both visual and practical updates that further ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all the TROOPS as well as those who are navigating the website for the first time. The latest updates are bringing to the website one of the favorite segments of Roshtein’s casino streaming sessions, new page designs, and easier user navigation. 

Bonus Battles Page is Live 

Bonus Battle has been one of the most popular parts of Roshtein’s streams! The face off between bonus rounds of 2 popular slots has shown to be extremely entertaining and exciting! And we all know those are key ingredients for creating any kind of successful online content. 

bonus battle page on roshtein website

You can access the Bonus Battle page by going to the Stream section of the website. Once Rosh starts streaming and doing Bonus Battles again, the page will be completely activated and users will be able to follow the results live. For a time being, voting for the winner of the battle via website is not possible but this interactive segment should be added very soon.   

Fresh Look of the Casino Page 

casino page new design on roshtein website

The Casino page on the Roshtein website is where all the best bonus offers are located. To upgrade the user experience, this page now features a completely new and more attractive design. The upper part of the page is reserved for the top 5 offers but users also have filters at their disposal that allow them to successfully navigate among dozens of offers and quite easily find the one that’s perfect for them.  

Stake Username 

All the active community members know just how important it is to have a Stake username in order to join Roshtein’s raffles and giveaways. So, to make things run more smoothly, users are now able to add their Stake username in the Settings and have it connected to its account on Roshtein’s website. Also, there is an option to change the existing username with the new one. For that change to take place, admins will have to review it and approve it. In the case you don't have a Stake account, click here and you can make one. 

stake username section on roshtein website

By activating these new upgrades, the website has become even more user-friendly and holds even greater entertainment value for the community members than before. And let’s not forget - we are far from done! Many things are already in motion, fresh ideas are being developed on a daily basis and the implementation of new features in the months to come will further improve the overall website experience. 


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