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hand holding a golden coin with gtw written on it
hand holding a golden coin with gtw written on it

Guess The Total Win - New Exclusive Website Feature

New exciting website feature Guess The Total Win is active on Bonus Hunt page!

Starting today, community members have a unique opportunity to enjoy a completely fresh feature on Roshtein’s website - Guess The Total Win! 

Located on the Bonus Hunt page, Guess The Total Win or GTW feature is allowing community members to place their estimate regarding the total end result on the Roshtein’s bonus hunts. However, timing is of essence - once the bonus opening starts, you will not be eligible to take advantage of this feature. So make sure your Twitch notifications are on, that way you’ll get informed when Roshtein goes live and have enough time to enter your prediction in the GTW box. 

The whole Guess The Total Win procedure is as easy as it can be! First, go to the Stream section of the Roshtein’s website and then click on the Guess The Total Win option. This will take you to the GTW part of the Bonus Hunt page where you get to submit your prediction. In a designed field within the GTW box enter a desired amount but make sure you’re NOT USING any currency symbols, spaces or any type of separation between numbers. For example, “123456” or “987654”. 

And The GTW Winner Gets… 

The goal of Guess The Total Win is to get as close to the actual end result as possible. So, the person with the guess amount closest to the real end result of Roshtein’s bonus opening gets the title of the winner. However, given the fact that this is a community of over 1 million people, there might be 2 or more members who placed the same GTW amount. In this case, the person who submitted the guess first is proclaimed a winner and gets the reward.  

And what’s the prize for the GTW winner?! As we all know, Rosh loves giving back to the community and when it comes to GTW, he ensured the winner doesn’t go home empty handed. The lucky winner will walk away with 50% of the profit of $3,000 Bonus Buy

It’s also important for a winner to have a registered account at Stake casino. The only way to collect the prize is to sign up to but if you just enjoy watching Rosh streaming slots on Twitch and don’t want to have an online casino account, you will receive 10% of your total channel points instead. As you know, these points can be used in Roshtein’s Store and you can buy yourself some amazing tech gadgets and branded merch. 

Created to bring this tight community even closer and show Rosh’s appreciation for each and every single community member, Guess The Total Win is an outstanding addition to the website. After all, GTW is the unique feature that no other casino streamer offers - it costs you nothing to guess the balance but you can be rewarded lavishly. So, go to the Bonus Hunt page and enter your prediction at the start of each Roshten’s stream! Good luck!!!