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duel or die in golden letters
duel or die in golden letters

Duel or Die: The Ultimate Wheel Game Arrives on Roshtein's Website

  • 🚀 New Game Launch: Duel or Die is now available exclusively on Roshtein's website for community members to play and earn Kick Points.
  • 🎡 Game Structure: The game features five rounds, each with increasing stakes and decreasing odds of winning, culminating in a final round with a 30% chance to win 100 Kick Points.
  • 🤔 Initial Choice: Players start each game with a pivotal decision: secure 5 Kick Points with no risk or spin the wheel for a chance at greater rewards.
  • ⚖️ Strategic Decisions: Players must decide whether to "Collect" their winnings or continue to higher rounds after each spin, balancing risk and potential rewards.
  • 🎮 Game Access and Mechanics: The game is accessed by clicking the Golden Satchel icon on the navigation menu.

Roshtein has just launched an extra fun and hugely rewarding wheel game - Duel or Die! Starting from today, members of Roshtein's vibrant community have the exclusive opportunity to dive into this game and win Kick Points The Duel or Die game is completely FREE for all the members of the community who have their Roshtein and Kick accounts connected!

Duel or Die Game Overview: A Thrilling Journey Awaits

Duel or Die is a premium, high-stakes adventure spread across 5 thrilling rounds. Players are immediately thrust into a realm of choice and chance, where they must decide whether to secure a guaranteed 5 Kick Points or to take a leap of faith by spinning the wheel for potentially higher rewards. The cooldown period between duels is 3 hours, meaning - once you try your luck on the wheel, you need to wait for 3 hours before you can start the game again! 

Gameplay Unveiled: Dual or Die Step-by-Step Guide

  • Round 1: Start the game claiming 5 Kick Points without any risk. Or spin the wheel for an even bigger reward!
  • Round 2: The excitement builds as the stakes are raised to 10 Kick Points, with an 80% winning chance.
  • Round 3: The tension escalates with 15 Kick Points at stake and a 70% chance to win.
  • Round 4: A test of nerve and luck - 25 Kick Points with only a 50% success rate.
  • Round 5: The climax of the game - a daring chance to win 100 Kick Points with a 30% probability.

How to Embark on Your Duel or Die Adventure:

  • Locate the Golden Satchel icon on to access the game.  
    duel or die game icon
  • Activate the game and take your initial choice: a safe 5 Kick Points or a thrilling wheel spin.
  • Engage with the wheel dynamics, making strategic decisions at each round, balancing the allure of higher points against increasing risks.
  • Utilize the "Collect" option strategically to secure your points at any stage.

Strategic Gameplay Features:

  • The wheel's green (win) and red (lose) sections evolve, increasing the challenge as you progress through the game.
  • A progress ladder, located on the left side of the game screen, visually indicates your journey, displaying current and potential Kick Points.
  • After game sessions, a cooldown period encourages strategic breaks and planning.

Game Settings and Statistics:

  • Tailor your auditory experience with customizable sound settings, enhancing the game's immersive Wild West theme.
  • Access comprehensive game statistics, including a winnings overview and detailed round analysis, to refine your strategies and track your success.

Duel or Die offers a unique blend of strategy, risk, and reward, set against the backdrop of Roshtein's dynamic gaming world. Will you play it safe or will you risk it all in the pursuit of greater rewards? Join the game today and carve your path in the thrilling world of Duel or Die!

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