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website page with a green satchel filled with golden coins
website page with a green satchel filled with golden coins

Coming Soon - New Exciting Website Features!!!

Find out what new exciting features are coming to the Roshtein's website soon!

Are you ready for another exclusive sneak peek into upcoming website features?! In the past two weeks, you had a chance to check out what are some of the premium upgrades Roshtein’s website is going through! We revealed part of our plans regarding The Store, Leaderboard, Raffles, Bonus Buy Battles, Live Chat and many other fun things coming your way in the near future! 

But we are not done! Not even close! There are so many new and exciting things you can look forward to! Of course, all of the upgrades are completely community-focused, designed to make your stay on the website even more enjoyable and entertaining. 

The Satchel 

So, the Satchel feature pretty much allows a complete overview of your entire profile on the website. When you access the Satchel, you can see your basic profile statistics - status, rank, the number of points collected, leaderboard position, and the total amount of hours you spent watching Roshtein.   

the satchel website feature

Also, you will have the option to go through all the transactions as well as follow the points flow - the fluctuation of the points gained on a monthly and weekly level. A special part of the Satchel is dedicated to so-called Personal Items - those are items that have been chosen specifically for you based on your activity and status in the community and are not available in the Store.  

Guess The Score Feature

At the moment community members have access to the Guess The Total Win (GTW) on Roshtein’s website where they get to guess the end result of the daily bonus opening and win prizes! But we are pushing the boundaries even more and including another thrilling Guess The… feature, focusing on Bonus Buy Battles and their end result. 

guess the score website feature

The new Guess The Score feature is going to work like Guess The Total Win in many ways, the only major difference being deciding on the end score of the battle, not the end score of the bonus opening. Once the GTS goes live, we are sure it will be one of the most popular features on the Roshtein website. 

The About Page

While doing the website analytics, we realized that one of the most viewed pages on the website is the About page. The message was clear - community members want to know more about Roshtein’s personal life and casino streaming path. So, with that in mind, we embarked on the redesigning quest! 

website page with roshtein on it

The About page is at the moment going through significant graphic upgrades making it more visually catchy and more interactive. Of course, new personal info about Roshtein’s life and casino streaming career is also going to be included. So, get ready to find some never-known-before facts about Rosh! 

I have no doubt that you are going to love everything we are preparing for you! After all, the changes we are implementing are there to elevate your website experience and tighten the community bond. Guess The Score feature is going to be one of your favorites, I can bet on it! 

// Richard