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1x2 3 way battle website feature
1x2 3 way battle website feature

1x2 - 3 Way Bonus Battle | Upcoming Feature on Roshtein’s Website

  • 🎰 Introducing 1x2 - 3 Way Battle feature.
  • 💰 Predict Bonus Battle winners for rewards.
  • 🔮 Bet on slots or even predict a draw.
  • 📜 Straightforward rules: Slots must surpass Break Even Line to win.
  • 🚀 Enhancing user experience with interactive features.

Get ready for an exciting new feature on Roshtein’s website titled ‘1x2 - 3 Way Battle’. Building on the thrill of his live-streamed Bonus Battles, this innovative feature promises to add an additional layer of interaction and potential rewards for Roshtein’s dedicated community of followers.

With the ‘1x2 - 3 Way Battle’ feature, registered users of Roshtein's website will have the unique opportunity to predict the winner of the Bonus Battles as they unfold live on stream. Participants can place their bets on one of the two slots presented or, in a twist, even bet on the outcome being a draw.

The rules are straightforward: for a slot to even have a chance of being deemed the winner of the battle, it has to surpass the Break Even Line. This line is judiciously determined based on the total number of bonuses purchased and their individual price points. In case both of the slots cross the Break Even Line, the slot bringing in the higher profit will be crowned a winner.  

The introduction of this new feature signifies Roshtein's continued commitment to enhancing the user experience on his platform. Fans can now not only enjoy the electrifying content but also stand a chance to win rewards based on their predictions. Very soon, both veteran and new users will have the chance to join in the fun, bet on the ‘1x2 - 3 Way Battle’ feature, and experience the legendary Bonus Battles like never before.

Stay tuned for more details on the official launch date and additional information on how to participate. It's time to gear up and put your prediction skills to the test!

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