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world cup guessing game winners
world cup guessing game winners

Winners of The World Cup 2022 Guessing Game

World Cup 2022 Guessing Game Winners & Stats!

With the end of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the Guessing Game and a $100,000 Giveaway also come to a completion. It’s been an amazing football month with some nerve wracking moments as well as moments of great celebration and national pride. But now that’s all over, it’s time to enjoy the rewards and retell all the incredible things that happened on the football pitch during the FIFA championship. 

The community members who entered the $100,000 Giveaway and made their predictions in the Guessing Game, now know what’s the exact number of balls (points) they have and whether or not they are eligible for any part of the huge giveaway prize pool. Congratulations to all the winners! Enjoy your prizes guys!  

World Cup 2022 Guessing Game Stats 

Ever since the World Cup 2022 Guessing Game was activated on the Roshtein’s website, there was a steady flow of community members who were coming back each day to give their match predictions. In total, during the entire duration of the FIFA championship, 6,741 users joined in the fun and submitted their guesses. For the 64 games, 53,989 guesses were made and 16,388,604 balls (points) won

$100,000 Giveaway Winners

The 50 top-rated players have over 9,000 balls (points) each! 1st and 2nd place have gathered more than 12,000 balls (points) each while 3rd place stayed 35 balls short of reaching 12,000. Top 3 get the biggest part of the $100,000 prize pool - 1st place: $25,000, 2nd place: $15,000, and 3rd place: $10,000.The player ranked in 4th place gets $4,000 in their Stake casino account while 5th ranked gets $2,000. Starting from 6th place and going all the way to the 50th place, all players will get rewarded with $1,000. 

Roshtein Congratulating The WC 2022 Guessing Game Winners:  

world cup 2022 guessing game winners

It’s been an extra fun World Cup ride! Congratulations to all the players who made it to the top 50 on the leaderboard! Enjoy your rewards and have fun spending them! The players who were ranked below 50th place, thank you for joining and playing the Guessing Game! Hope you have more luck on the next Giveaway adventure Roshtein prepares for the TROOPS!